Frequently Asked Questions


How about Warranties?

Saturn Optical warrants all Ophthalmic Equipment.

The majority of our used equipment and equipment has been refurbished by our providers and comes with a standard 120-day warranty. Ophthalmic Equipment listed by independent vendors is sold’ as is.’ In case you have warranty queries about employed ophthalmic and optical equipment, please contact us to affirm warranty details.

Every used Ophthalmic Equipment we sell is tested and calibrated.

What Payment Accepted?

Best Ways to Send Money Internationally

1. Bank Transfer / Wire Transfer

Please make payment to our bank account. Go to the nearest bank or send a transfer via internet banking. Just bring the bank details the system generated for you to the nearest bank to complete the transfer or go to your internet banking account to complete this transfer.

2. PayPal

We no longer accept PAYPAL.

NOTE: You can use the credit card online.

Transferring via PayPal costs a minimum of 6.5% when transferring money across borders. MassPay, their cheapest method charges a 4% fee and then adds a 5.5% currency transfer fee.

3. Credit Card

Since June 2018, we no longer accept credit cards due to Interchange fees, also known as “swipe fees,” are about 6.5% per transaction.


What if my items are damaged or defective?

in case you’ve received something damaged or faulty, or you think it may have been incorrectly listed, we apologize and are here to assist you.

In case your item is damaged or faulty, please be aware that after it’s been obtained at Saturn Optical, it will be assessed and tested. If your thing works or it is undamaged, it might be sent back to you so you can enjoy your purchase with a refund provided.

When returning your item, please wrap the box with plastic or paper and don’t affix any tape into the product packaging.

Do you ship Internationally?

Simply input your shipping address and utilize the nation dropdown to select your country from the list which appears.

Worldwide shipping timeframes could be harder to estimate correctly (compared to national transport ), because of the numerous factors involved. Normally, USPS First Class Mail International may take anywhere from ten days to three weeks to arrive at the destination state, and customs may take following that. It’s usually better to place a global order in advance of the time you require it!

We offer expedited international shipping on our website also; USPS lists the shipping time for Priority Mail International, the next step up, as 6-10 business days. USPS Express International Mail lists 3-5 days for shipping. You can visit USPS’s International Shipping site for more info.

Customs, duties, and taxes differ widely from country please check for information about costs that are projected. (Customs/VAT fees must be covered by the receiver, and can’t be covered in advance).

general questions

How are you able to keep your prices Cheaper?

Very Good Question… Our overhead is extremely low as we don’t have any inventory costs. Additionally, we have nominal staff overhead, a huge supplier network, and competitive drop-ship policies. We are really an Online Business.

How about Returns Policy ?

Buyer agrees that no equipment can be returned to Seller without written permission by Seller, and Buyer agrees to adhere to a restocking charge of up to 30 percent, and shipping and handling can be charged on items returned within 30 days.

The next merchandise may not be returned for credit or exchange:
• Product held longer than 30 days from the original bill
• Special Order Items
• Discontinued Products.