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Keeler Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect Ultrasound Biometer

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Accutome A-Scan or A-Scan Plus Connect is a revolutionary ophthalmic device from Keeler-Accutome. It’s a piece of equipment built to fulfill the requirements of present-day refractive cataract surgery. With the latest features incorporated into the machine, it’s one of the foremost products on the market.

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Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect features a user-friendly interface and excellent operation. This leads to faster measurements and thus offers the possibility of treating more patients in a shorter time.

The A-Scan Plus Connect connects directly to your PC, tablet, or laptop, making it easy to store, email, or print patient information. In addition, data can be transferred directly to electronic medical databases.

With multiple brands making different types of devices for eye check-ups or surgery, for that matter, specialists now have many choices. The manufacturers use the most recent technology to build these machines. As a result, several top-quality products are out there, and Accutome A-Scan also falls under that category.

The device’s invention has made it simpler for practitioners to conduct their tasks more accurately with fewer mistakes than possible. The equipment also enables professionals to perform several functions without wasting much time.

Professionals looking for valuable and good quality ophthalmic equipment can check Accutome A-Scan details. The product has many exciting and great features which enable you to use it smoothly without glitches.


What is Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect?

The Accutome A-Scan or A-Scan Plus Connect is a revolutionary ophthalmic device from Keeler-Accutome. It’s a piece of equipment built to fulfill the requirements of present-day refractive cataract surgery. With the latest features incorporated into the machine, it’s one of the top products on the market.

Professionals in the ophthalmology field can use the machine easily by following simple instructions. It can also conduct multiple tasks without glitches. What’s more, you don’t waste much time performing the tasks.

Primary Functions of Accutome A-Scan

The equipment is an ideal solution for doing several tasks. They include

  • Measuring and calculating all kinds of eyes
  • Refining practitioners’ surgical outcomes
  • It performs well with thick cataracts
  • It also works great with patients who have fixation difficulties

Main Features


The machine connects to PC, laptops, and tablets. So, it’s versatile, and practitioners can work with multiple devices. Technicians can consequently upload information to the electronic medical record (EMR) systems quickly and smoothly.  

Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect has many features that enable the device to perform plenty of tasks. The following are some vital features present in the machine.

  • Light and Small:

The Accutome A-Scan is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it anywhere and use it without any problem. It’s a small product, so it doesn’t take up much space. Technicians can therefore use it anytime and anyplace where they require it.  

  • Easy-to-Use Interface:

The device also has a user-friendly interface making it easier for technicians to handle all the tasks comfortably.  

  • Easy to Set up Defaults: 

The device also has defaults that are easy to set up. So you won’t have any confusion when performing your tasks. Just follow the steps, and you are ready to start.

  • Unlimited Data Storage:

The device has considerable storage space. Hence, you can store any amount of information as long as necessary.  

  • Smooth Workflow Integration: 

Since Accutome A-Scan has fantastic features, it doesn’t hinder your workflow. No matter how much work you have, practitioners can perform their tasks without any problem.

  • Entirely Upgradeable Software:

The product also has features that enable technicians to upgrade the software. So, you don’t need to buy a new device; instead, you can install whatever new software you need at any time.  

  • PC-Based Platform: 

The device also supports a PC-based platform, making it much easier for practitioners to work comfortably. You can be anywhere and carry on with the job with ease.  

More Features

  • Optimized lens constants: It allows practitioners to develop the best surgical outcomes.
  • Immersion and contact modes: Surgeons can perform the tasks using contact or immersion, depending on a patient’s condition.
  • Industry-leading resolution: it’s one of the best products made with the latest materials and technology.
  • Rx surgery calculations for an aging Lasik population
  • Tailor-made lens, VCD, and ACD materials for new implant/chamber materials: No matter the shape, size, or age of an eye, the device will measure and calculate the details accurately, leaving you with very little room for error.
  • Detects alignment and sclera recognition automatically: It removes marginally aligned scans.
  • EMP ability. It allows the transfer of information automatically, thereby saving time.  
  • Unlimited IOL lens group: IOL lens group is unlimited; the device can cater to patients with any eye shape, size, and condition.
  • DICOM ready
  • Piggyback calculation ability for ICL implant patients
  • PDF Reporting
  • IOL formulas: It uses Holladay I, modern post-refractive formulas, Hoffer Q, Binkhorst II, SRK/T, SRK II, and Haigis.
  • Automatic EMR exports, Easy setup, and Smooth customer Interface: Saves times of examination/check-up, thereby increasing profit and patient throughput.

The device comes with accessories such as an immersion shell, test block, footswitch, and software installation.


The following are some of the technical details of the Accutome A-Scan.

  • Weight: 15.1 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.4″W x 3.7″L x 2.5″H
  • Methods: Immersion or Contact
  • Patient Data Storage: Unlimited
  • Capture Modes: Manual or Automatic
  • Electronic resolution: 0.016mm
  • Custom Eye Type Settings: Unlimited with independent ACD, VCD velocities, Lens.
  • Gain 30-100dB
  • Clinical Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Data Export: EMR/HER compatible, Network ready  
  • Measurement Range: 0.01-63.6mm
  • 10MHZ Frequency
  • Default Eye type Settings: Dense Cataract, Silicone-filled, Pseudo Silicone, Pseudo Acrylic, Pseudo PMMA. Phakic and Aphakic
  • Printer: Any which a PC supports
  • IOL Formulas: Hoffer Q, Holladay I, SRK/T, Haigis
  • Measurements: Axial length, ACD, VCD, Lens thickness
  • Post Refractive Formula Methods: Contact Lens, Clinical History, and Shammas Clinical


Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect can cost anywhere, starting from $4,860 and higher. But the rate fluctuates, and it differs from one seller to another. The cost is also likely to vary from one place to another, and it could be cheaper in some areas.  

Professionals can compare the cost at different places and stores and then purchase from someone who offers the best deals.  

A machine like Accutome A-Scan Plus Connect is a blessing for professionals and patients. On the one hand, service providers can obtain the precise information and develop a good solution. It also saves them time, so they can look after many patients quickly.

On the other hand, patients don’t have to wait long hours to receive treatment. When they do, it’s the right one, and they can get cured for life. Since the doctors/surgeons or technicians have the correct info, there is less chance of committing mistakes.

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