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Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC Phacoemulsifier Anterior & Posterior Phaco

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Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC is designed to give note-worthy benefits with the dawn of a technologically advanced, light-weight, and ultra-speed microsurgical system. 

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Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC is designed to complement your surgical technique and exceed your patient’s expectations. It enables sub-2 mm lens surgery through a flexible, hybrid approach to fluidics and advanced, ultra-efficient cutting dynamics.

Are you looking for an established technology that does not fail to impress? With Bausch and Lomb Stellaris, you are guaranteed the ultimate visibility powered with optimum precision. Why? Because the Stellaris is highly versatile as it is simple yet advanced in performance.

Many ophthalmologists who work on both the anterior and posterior parts of the eye find it challenging to get hold of a device that can suit their needs. This is where something as innovative as a Bausch and Lomb Stellaris comes into play.


Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC: The design

Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC is designed to give note-worthy benefits with the dawn of a technologically advanced, lightweight, and ultra-speed microsurgical system.  

The handpiece of the Stellaris comes with a six-crystal design that enhances mechanical, nuclear fragmentation. This technology successfully removes lenses through a unique cutting and cavitation process.

Interestingly, the needle tip attracts the lens material through the fluid flow, and it works by breaking the lens material into fragments and aspirating from the eye.

The cutting and cavitation process concentrates the energy of linear ultrasound to emulsify the lens by focusing the force on the nucleus.

This technology is one of a kind with its simplicity and efficient surgeon control. It comes with two surgical procedures: Anterior and Posterior, making the device suitable for multi-specialty hospitals and ASCs. The Stellaris also has two aspiration lines for dual procedure flexibility.


Display and dimensions

  • PC dimensions: 48” height, 18” width, 18” depth (122 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm).
  • Weight: 230 lbs (114 kg).
  • Screen type: TFT full-color, flat panel.
  • Display dimension: 19” (48.2 cm) diagonal.
  • Tilt ratio: +15° up, -10° down.
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels.
  • Swivel: ±90°

Reflux functions

  • Control: Gravity feed from I/V bottle.
  • Modes: Continuous, Pulsed.
  • Reflux activated via the Foot Control.


  • Programming Levels 1,2,3: The functions include Continuous, Pulsed, Fixed pulse, Single burst, and Multiple burst.
  • Programming Level 3 only: The ultrasound functions include Linear Pulse, Linear Power, Dual Linear, Linear Duty Cycle, Dual Linear Multiple Burst, Variable Power Multiple Burst, and Variable Power Linear Burst.


  • Air pressure: 100mmHg (max).
  • Irrigation: Gravity and pressurized air.


  • Color Filters: Yellow, Green, and Amber (available only when xenon lamp is installed on Port 1).
  • Mode: Independent Illumination operation with control of either port.
  • Lamp: Xenon-Mercury, and Xenon.
  • Output:  A minimum of 25 lumens from a single port when a 20g probe is used.
  • Control range: 0-100%, 1% resolution.
  • Safety Filter: Permanent filtration is used in both ports to reduce ultraviolet, violet, deep red, and infrared light.

Vitrectomy functions

  • Parameters of linear cut-rate:
  • Range: A cut-rate range of 30 to 5000 cuts in one minute.
  • Linear cut-rate controls: The foot pedal controls the cut-rate.
  • Parameters of Fixed Cut-Rate:
  • Range: A cut range of 30 to 5000 cuts in one minute.
  • Fixed cut-rate controls: On and Off rules via foot pedal.

Fluid Air Exchange

  • Air pressure: 150 mmHg (maximum).
  • Output: The system uses filtered hydrophobic air of  0.1-micron.
  • Flow Rate: 2.25 L/min (4.8 cubic ft. per hour).
  • Safety:  The system has a pneumatic shut-off valve for use during power fluctuation.

Key benefits of Stellaris

  • All-in-one machine that performs anterior and posterior surgical procedures.
  • It comes with an operating system that is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Wireless foot pedal with laser controls.
  • The device has a fully integrated laser compatible with other Stellaris PC models.


Key features

This vision enhancement system comes with astounding features that put it in a class of its own:

  • Wireless integrated control foot pedal: The Stellaris has an intuitive surgeon control system with dual linear foot pedal control. This system can manage the pitch and yaw planes. The double foot pedal comes with a consistent button response with a four-button control system of 0.1-micron.
  • This system allows for independent control over the power and flow of the procedure by using manual, coaxial, or microincision.
  • High-speed vitrectomy cutters come in three sizes: 20 gauge, 23 gauge, and 25 gauge, which have enhanced ESA blade design for easy insertion. The cut speed is balanced with a high aspiration away from the retina, reducing traction and turbulence. During vitreous removal near the retina, the cut speed is coupled with a low aspiration for precise removal.
  • It has a digital media system that provides crystal-clear details.
  • Integrated 532nm Laser: The Stellaris is easy to use as it comes with a minimal warm-up time. It has a laser-firing button with automatic mode activation and an extended range of power, interval, and duration settings.
  • A highly developed user interface: Bausch and Lomb Stellaris has fully customizable functions and optimized visualization with differentiated viewing options giving great surgical control. It includes optimized illumination, differentiated viewing, and expanded access.
  • It comes with dual independent light sources─ Mercury xenon and Xenon, to enhance visualization and eliminate possible phototoxic wavelengths.

Comprehensive visualization technologies

  • The Stellaris consists of chandeliers with variable depth designs to allow surgeons to control the illumination pattern. This system also adapts to most retina light sources.
  • The machine has curved, directional, and illuminated access that helps each surgeon meet their specific needs. It also has a directional laser probe that delivers midfield light patterns and makes unassisted scleral depressions possible.
  • It also has a differentiated viewing of color filters. Three proprietary colors Amber, Green, and Yellow, are used as intraoperative dyes. This also guarantees safety while using the equipment.

Why choose Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC?

Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC is an innovative machine that works wonders. It makes microincision cataract surgery so much easier due to its relatively advanced technology.

The Stellaris provides flow and vacuum fecal performance with a single aspiration system. Moreover, it balances fluid inflow by continually monitoring changes in a vacuum and adjusting its aspiration to prevent post-occlusion surges. The machine helps preserve chamber stability throughout the surgical procedure.

Considering all the positives of the Bausch and Lomb Stellaris, it should now be noticeable how the machine works differently than other kinds of the same. Eye cataract surgeries have and will experience a new wave in overall functionality.


  • Bausch and Lomb Stellaris
  • Bausch and Lomb Stellaris PC Phaco Pack – Premium Vacuum Phaco Pack – BL5110
  • Bausch and Lomb Stellaris BL3170 Phaco Handpiece
  • Multifunctional footswitch
  • BL4393 charger footswitch
  • Four handpieces (sterile)
  • Premium Vacuum Phaco Pack with MICS Needle 1.8mm
  • Bright full-color touch screen
  • Software version:4.12
  • Hardware version:2.2
  • Surgical functions:combined (anterior/posterior)
  • Fluidics module: VFM

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