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Heidelberg Anterion Swept-Source Anterior OCT

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Heidelberg Anterion is a device developed to examine the anterior segment of the eye in surgical procedures. It is a one-in-all device that combines corneal topography and tomography, axial length measurement, intraocular power calculation, and anterior segment metrics.

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Heidelberg Anterion is a relatively new introduction to the eye surgical devices of Heidelberg Engineering. It is a device developed to examine the anterior segment of the eye in surgical procedures. It is a one-in-all device that combines corneal topography and tomography, axial length measurement, intraocular power calculation, and anterior segment metrics.

This device is perfect for eye care professionals who need imaging solutions and accurate results.

Such a device helps make patients comfortable with surgical procedures as you get almost everything done in one. It minimizes the time needed to perform multiple examinations. The device brings together a quick and customized solution to each patient’s individual needs.

Advantages of an ANTERION examination

An examination with ANTERION provides information about the condition of the front part of the eye and can measure many relevant eye structures. The front part of the eye includes the cornea and the lens. With ANTERION, you benefit from a short examination time, as various examinations and measurements can be carried out on one device.

The device is also used to prepare for a cataract operation (cataract) and offers the possibility of directly determining the necessary parameters for a suitable artificial replacement lens. The basis for all examinations is the recording of high-resolution OCT images. These support the doctor in identifying possible signs of diseases, for example, various corneal diseases. With the help of the OCT images, the surface structure of the cornea can be visualized, similar to a mountain map.

The Anterion is the new HR Swept Source front segment OCT from Heidelberg Engineering. The Anterion® uses HR swept source oct images to enable key examinations and measurements of the anterior segment. And all this on one modular platform that can be upgraded later.

The result is one solution for corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment measurements, axis length measurements (biometrics), and IOL calculations. All data can be used in daily practice for cataract and refractive surgery and cornea and glaucoma diagnoses. The Anterion can also be equipped with the Barrett formulas Universal II, Toric, True-K, True-K Toric!!

The Anterion uses 4 “apps”:

  • Imaging app (default)
  • Cornea app (optional)
  • Cataract app (optional)
  • Metrics app (optional)

Heidelberg Anterion: The design

Heidelberg Anterion: The design

As the name suggests, the design of the Anterion is such that it monitors the anterior parts of the eye.

This is one device that is truly comprehensive when it comes to its display. It features high-resolution OCT images compiled together in layouts that are efficient for both the surgeon and patients.

It comes with an imaging app that displays high-resolution visualization of the anterior segment of the eye. With the help of a cornea app, the device can also make diagnostic assessments of a patient’s unique eye geometry and provide suitable solutions.

The cataract app brings together a compiled format of the measurements that will be necessary in case cataract surgery is needed. Overall, the Heidelberg Anterion makes calculations that would otherwise be a load of work for a non-machine.

Heidelberg Anterion specifications

  • Axial resolution: 10 microns
  • Length of B-scans: 16.5 mm
  • The breadth of B-scans: 14 mm
  • San rate: 50,000 Hz
  • Laser wavelength: 1300 nm
  • Length of corneal topography: 9 mm

Key benefits of the Heidelberg Anterion

  • The device provides high-resolution images for all biometric measurements.
  • It can give you still images with the required color and description in high quality.
  • The device is also easily upgradable for efficient workflow.
  • It has a high-speed acquisition performance while minimizing the time for the procedure.
  • It can acquire ray tracing with minimum errors with just one setting.

Key features of the Heidelberg Anterion

  • Gives a multi-view of the cornea: The Anterion makes a detailed display of the cornea, such as axial and tangential curvatures.

It uses camera images, OCT images, tangential maps, anterior and posterior curvature maps, elevation maps, pachymetry maps, total corneal power maps, and corneal wavefront maps.

  • Metrics app: The app comes with the options of single-view, multi-view, and 360° diagrams of the anterior segment.
  • Biometry and IOL calculation: The device analyzes biometric calculations such as IOL power and residual refraction. The parameters of the IOL calculations are made by analyzing the data obtained from cornea analysis.

You can confirm your measurements by looking at the camera and CCT image. It also helps determine the exact measurements for any surgical procedures by undergoing a detailed analysis of the eyes.

  • Anterior chamber assessment: The imaging app assesses the eye’s anterior chamber and diagnoses the eye’s conditions precisely.

It measures anterior chamber volume and angle, depth, trabecular iris space area (TISA), spur-to-spur, white-to-white distances, and lens thickness. Even exciting is that a single app makes all these measurements.

  • It helps to visualize the pathologies of the anterior part of the eye. The imaging app displays necessary surgical assistance such as LASIK, keratoplasty, phakic lenses, and implanted IOLs in case they are required.

Imaging app

The imaging app is the basis of the Anterion. This app covers the entirety of the area from the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior surface of the eye lens.

The OTC-powered device provides reliable and accurate diagnosis for future procedures because of the high-resolution images. The OCT and Infrared (IR) images have a personalized scan resolution, size, pattern, location, and density.

Cornea app

Another app that helps in the diagnostic processes of the anterior segment is the cornea app, and it mainly focuses on the individual’s corneal geometry needed for any surgical planning.

The main parameters of the cornea app are corneal vertex, pupil diameter, OCT image, IR camera image, anterior and posterior axial maps, tangential maps, and total corneal wavefront maps.

The app provides differential maps and parameters for both eyes with a multi-view layout and progression analysis.

The corneal geometry includes measurements such as eye curvatures elevation maps of anterior and posterior corneal surfaces. The cornea app also monitors changes in the cornea and aids in bringing up an effective solution to the individual eye needs.

Cataract app

The cataract app that comes with the Anterion makes any surgical preparation easier. It provides a detailed analysis of what measures would work best for the individual’s eye.

The app also displays lens thickness, axial length, pupil diameter, kappa angle, aqueous depth, anterior chamber depth, and corneal analysis. These measurements are backed by high-resolution images that give precise and detailed data.

The cataract app helps choose the ideal incision and lens position. It has an intensity graph that measures cornea and lens OCT and has different parameters assigned for both eyes.

This app also performs integration the information from the cornea app.

Metrics app

The main parameters of the metrics app are OCT image, IR camera image, lens vault, lens thickness, angle-to-angle distance, and spur-to-spur distance.

The metrics app of the Anterion provides a radial view of the highly-detailed images of the anterior chamber using a 360° view.

Proper surgical calculations require accurate metrics, and the metrics app achieves these requirements.

Even better is that the metrics app can provide free-hand measurements customized to meet any requirements.

Why choose Heidelberg Anterion?

Anterion is based on a technology that provides high-quality results in analyzing the anterior segment of the eye. It gives special assistance and guidance in any eye cataract or refractive surgery.

The many apps and features of the Anterion give it accuracy in determining measurements and clear-cut examinations. Each app performs a unique function, collectively supporting the result.

This multi-modal imaging system is thus needed to achieve the best out of any clinical or surgical procedures, which will, in turn, benefit the patients greatly.

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