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Haag-Streit Lenstar Myopia for Myopia Management

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Lenstar Myopia allows you to measure this parameter and, through EyeSuite Myopia, the exclusive software with which it is equipped, collects the acquired data and all the information on the subject examined and is able to predict the evolution of myopia.

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Lenstar Myopia consists of the Lenstar 900 optical biometer developed by Haag-Streit and the corresponding EyeSuite software as an extension. This device is used to detect early myopia in patients so as to help make their daily life easier.

“Haag-Streit is pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with HOYA Vision Care, which provides ECPs with a complete and comprehensive package that optimally equips them to combat myopia. We are convinced that with this perfect interaction between LENSTAR Myopia by HOYA and the MiYOSMART lens treatment protocol, we can jointly make a valuable contribution to combat the global progression of myopia.”

Thomas Bernhard, CEO of Haag-Streit Group

The Lenstar Myopia utilizes the technology of Haag-Streit’s Lenstar 900, complemented by the EyeSuite software platform for myopia management. The combination of the precision of the optical biometer and the important information it provides for parents and those affected make a benchmark in myopia management and, for Luneau Technology, an ideal addition to the existing product portfolio.

It reduces manual efforts by half. Both Lenstar LS 900 and EyeSuite are developed by Haag-Streit. The company provides medical equipment all around the globe, and optical health care is only one of the fields they cater to. 

“The Lenstar Myopia is the leading product for myopia management and therefore fits in perfectly with our existing offers, which we are constantly expanding,”

Willi Gronau, Managing Director of Luneau Technology Germany

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive myopia management
  • Tried and tested refraction
  • Axial length measurements
  • Balance environmental factors
  • Graphical visualizations
  • Powerful reports
  • Network connectivity

What is Myopia

what is myopia

Myopia is an eye condition where a person can see nearby objects very clearly but far objects appear blurry. It happens when the eye refracts light rays incorrectly, it might happen due to lens issues of shape of the eye.

In myopia, the image is supposed to be formed on the retina, however, it gets formed in front of the retina. Myopia usually can be detected during childhood, but can also develop in adults.

Early detection of myopia reduces any higher optical risks. Lenstar Myopia is an excellent tool in clinics where there is a busy flow of patients.

About Lenstar Myopia

Lenstar Myopia, developed by Haag-Streit, is an excellent tool that helps to capture images and feed results into a database. It makes an optimal health expert’s work much easier and cuts down on manual steps.

Comprehensive Myopia Management

EyeSuite is software that is highly customizable and easy to use. However, it is also a very comprehensive tool for myopia management. Together with Lenstar LS 900, it is used to determine early myopia, its effects, and its consequences in patients.

EyeSuite is based on the latest research regarding myopia. It takes into account different axial lengths, growth of the eye, and refractive progression trends. Thus, it gives out accurate and dynamic conclusions regarding a patient’s myopic condition.

Refraction Determination

By early determination of refraction in children, experts can predict the progression of myopia into their adult age. The EyeSuite software analyses this data with the predicted course with various treatment methods.

The Devices also has the option to collect previous data from refraction measurement devices and use them with EyeSuite.

Axial Length Measurement

The measurement of the axial length is very important in the case of myopia. It is a great indicator of myopic progression as it is independent of the patient’s state of mind or willingness to cooperate in the procedure.

The device uses the latest axial growth curves from the Erasmus University Medical Center experts. The axial growth curves get updated with new growth curves as soon as they are found. Thus making this device highly precise in its biometry.

Determining Environmental Factors:

In myopia, environmental factors refer to anything that is a factor in the progression of myopia. Age of myopia onset, myopic parents, amount of time spent in front of a digital screen, etc. 

Devices provide to define these environmental factors and their impact on myopia progression. It analyses these impacts based on recent research findings and visualizes their changes over a period of time.

Graphic Visualisations

A huge plus point of Lenstar Myopia is the graphic visualization of patient data. Graphic visualization of refractive or biometric data is used to determine a suitable treatment procedure for myopic patients.

Informed Reports

The Lenstar Myopia software outputs a highly informative report combining visual curves and other data. This report allows patients to easily understand their reports so that they can actively participate in their treatment.

Patients are encouraged to participate in their treatment process in any health situation. This makes the procedure smoother and allows them to navigate what exactly is happening in regards to their optical situation.

Accurate Biometry

Lenstar Myopia consists of the Lenstar LS 900 biometer. It is a well-established optical biometer that gives an accurate measurements of the axial length and keratometry and other structures.

Myopia requires a wide range of data to predict its progression. Lenstar LS 900 provides all necessary assessments that are highly accurate and help in perfect predictions. 

Correct assessments help in analyzing data that can help in determining the age of myopic onset as well.

About Lenstar Myopia

About the EyeSuite Software

This software combined with Lenstar LS 900 gives an accurate prediction of myopic progression. The EyeSuite software is also compatible with any Haag-Streit devices without the need for any third-party software.

It can be used as a one platform stop for many clinical devices- biometers, imaging systems, etc. The same system of import/export and the same backup process works for all of them. 

EyeSuite cuts down the clinical processes and manual steps by half and as such, it makes for a great clinical management system.

Networking through EyeSuite provides flexibility. All Haag-Streit devices can be set up with EyeSuite, and it can effectively maintain patient flow as well as records and databases. 

Even if any kind of procedure or test in taking place in a different room, EyeSuite networking provides the freedom to access those data from any workstation.

Data Security in EyeSuite

EyeSuite provides the option to protect valuable data through modern user management and fast backup facilities. Backups provide security against unintentional data loss as well

Haag-Streit devices already have the feature for network integration preinstalled. So networking with EyeSuite isn’t an issue.

With its modern technology and attention to accuracy, the Device can change the future of myopic diagnosis.

Lenstar Myopia Specifications

Axial length

  • Measurement range 14 – 32 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm

Vitreous chamber depth

  • Measurement range 1 – 30 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm


  • Measurement range for radius 5 – 10.5 mm
  • Display resolution 0.01 mm
  • Measurement range 0 – 180° for axis angle
  • Display resolution 1°

Laser safety

  • Class 1 laser product
  • Electronic medical record system interfaces
  • EyeSuite Script Language
  • GDT
  • EyeSuite command-line interface

The measurement ranges above are based on the device’s standard settings for automatic measurement and analysis.

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