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National Optronics 7E Patternless Lens Edger System

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Discover the National Optronics 7E, a high-precision lens edger with advanced milling technology and intelligent shape management. Learn about its features, advantages, and how it enhances optical lab efficiency and accuracy.”

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In the world of optical technology, precision and efficiency are paramount. The National Optronics 7E is a lens edger that exemplifies these values. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed for high-performance lens processing, which has become a cornerstone in the optical laboratory industry. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the National Optronics 7E, exploring its features, advantages, and how it contributes to the evolving field of ophthalmic optics.

National Optronics 7E Edger is a streamlined state of the art Patternless Edger with drilling capability. The angle of the drill is. designed to cut perpendicular to the front surface of the lens. This technique provides excellent frame fit. and an aesthetically pleasing product.


What is the National Optronics 7E?

The National Optronics 7E is a fully automated, high-precision lens edger used in optical laboratories and retail settings for cutting and shaping lenses. Known for its speed and accuracy, the 7E can handle a wide range of lens materials and shapes, making it versatile for modern eyewear production. It incorporates advanced technology to deliver consistent, high-quality edging while minimizing material wastage.

Features of the National Optronics 7E

1. Precision Edging Technology

The National Optronics 7E employs precision milling technology, enabling it to edge lenses with exceptional accuracy. This feature is crucial for complex prescriptions and custom lens shapes.

2. Intelligent Shape Management

The edger’s intelligent shape management system allows for easy tracing and reproduction of intricate lens shapes. It can store up to 10,000 shapes in its database, providing unparalleled flexibility for creating custom lenses.

3. Wide Range of Materials and Shapes

The 7E is compatible with a diverse range of lens materials, including polycarbonate, high-index, and trivex. It can also handle various shapes, from traditional to wrap-around frames, giving opticians the flexibility to meet different client preferences.

4. Automated Safety Beveling and Grooving

Safety beveling and grooving functions are automated in the National Optronics 7E, ensuring that the lenses fit securely into their frames. This automation improves the speed and accuracy of the edging process.

5. Advanced Blocking System

The edger features an advanced blocking system that ensures the lens remains stable during processing. This stability prevents slippage and ensures accurate cutting, particularly for high-index lenses.

6. Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation, reducing the training required for new technicians. Its graphical user interface (GUI) provides real-time feedback and guides users through the edging process.

7. Fast and Efficient Cycle Times

With cycle times as fast as 3 minutes per lens, the National Optronics 7E increases productivity in high-demand settings. Its efficient processing minimizes downtime, allowing optical labs to maximize throughput.

Advantages of the National Optronics 7E

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

The precision milling technology ensures that lenses are edged with minimal deviation, even for complex shapes and prescriptions. This accuracy reduces remakes and enhances customer satisfaction.

Versatility and Flexibility

By accommodating a wide range of lens materials and shapes, the National Optronics 7E provides optical labs with the versatility needed to serve diverse customer requirements. Its compatibility with various frame styles makes it ideal for both traditional and modern eyewear trends.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

The automated functions, intelligent shape management, and fast cycle times streamline the edging process, reducing bottlenecks in high-volume environments. This efficiency improves overall productivity.

Reduced Waste and Material Costs

The advanced blocking system and precision edging reduce material wastage, optimizing lens yield and lowering production costs. This cost-effectiveness is vital in competitive optical markets.

User-Friendly Operation

The intuitive user interface and graphical guidance make the National Optronics 7E accessible for technicians with varying experience levels. This ease of use minimizes the learning curve and reduces operational errors.

National Optronics 7E Specifications

Drilling National Optronics 7E Edger  is a streamlined state of the art Patternless Edger with drilling capability. The angle of the drill is
designed to cut perpendicular to the front surface of the lens. This technique provides excellent frame fit
and an aesthetically pleasing product. The 7E can drill up to 6 holes in each lens, in hole diameters or slot widths ranging from 1 mm to 5 mm. The edger can quickly drill accurate, clean and chatter-free holes in all lens materials without requiring a bit change.
User Friendly The Windows-like format is easy to use and the PC-based software accumulates reliable and accurate data for customers. National Optronics 7E Edger is fully compliant with the current OMA standard. It can store an edger-resident
database which permits adding and editing frame information as well as downloading drilling parameters from databases. The 7E offers a Help screen for maintenance functions and operating instructions for inexperienced operators.
Design Features National Optronics 7E Edger has a 15” color flat panel LCD on an adjustable hinge for multi-positioning of the viewing angle. Hole placement for drilled lenses is displayed for viewing and/or adjustments. The modular design isolates the electronics and cutter motor from the cutting chamber.
Dry-Cutting Accuracy & 3-Axis Control
  • The unique dry-cutting accuracy and three-axis control features of the National Optronics 7E Edger allow the operator to process any CR-39, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index, and Trivex lens material faster and more accurately than most wet edgers and there are no messy coolants.
  • Because the blades cut, not grind the lens edge, there is no rounding of the lens bevel, leading to tighter fit and better interface with the groove of the frame. The new 20mm diameter cutter utilized by the 7E provides superior bevel reproduction on high base lenses and allows for accurate edging of many complex shapes.
New Feature Option A new feature of the National Optronics 7E Edger is the multi-fluted cutter.
Electric Chucking Electric chucking will automatically adjust clamping pressure depending on the lens material.
Coated Carbide Cutter An extended-life coated carbide cutter comes standard with each 7E, thus increasing the number of jobs that can be processed on one blade. A PCD cutter is optional.
  • Fully interfaceable with most 3rd-party software packages. OMA compatible.
  • Accepts barcode job entry (barcode optional).
Additional Features Include Shipped complete with vacuum system and accessory kit.
6 month parts and labor warranty.
Installation and training included in purchase price.
Mechanical Height: 28.4” (72.0cm)
Width: 25.3” (64.3cm)
Depth: 26.6” (67.5cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Facilities Requirements Input:
115 VAC 60 Hz,1500 WATTS
230 VAC 50 Hz,1500 WATTSCompressed Air (Pneumatic Only): 100 psi minimum, Volume 0.1 SCFM 20 Amp.service line requiredETL LISTED, Conforms to UL Std. for Electrical Equipment for Laboratory Use ETL TESTING LABORATORIES, INC.
Ranges Maximum Lens Blank Size: 100mm
(Effective Diameter)Minimum Finished “B” Size 1/2 Eye Clamp and Chuck: 18mm Rimless


The National Optronics 7E stands out as a premier lens edger in the optical industry, offering a unique blend of precision, efficiency, and versatility. Its advanced features, such as precision milling technology and intelligent shape management, set new standards in lens processing.

By delivering consistent, high-quality results with minimal material wastage, the 7E significantly improves productivity and profitability for optical laboratories and retail settings. As the demand for custom eyewear and complex prescriptions grows, the National Optronics 7E remains a vital tool for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of ophthalmic optics.

Includes: 4T Tracer, Vacuum, Accessories, Blocker, Blocks, Free Installation and Training

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