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Optomed Smartscope Pro Handheld Fundus Camera

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Optomed Smartscope PRO is the first portable camera for medical use that allows, with a single device, the acquisition of fundus images in non-mydriatic mode and of the anterior segment.

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Optomed Smartscope PRO is the first portable camera for medical use that allows, with a single device, the acquisition of fundus images in non-mydriatic mode and of the anterior segment. Smartscope PRO with the EY4 optical module is an easy-to-use tool for performing fundus screening to detect early retinal anomalies such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and AMD.

The connectable ES2 anterior module provides high-resolution images of the anterior segment of the eye. The Smartscope FA configuration (optional) allows you to acquire high-quality fluorescein angiograms.



Optomed Smartscope PRO features:

  • Superior image quality that fully meets the ISO 10940 standard for fundus cameras
  • Non-mydriatic fundus examination through the undilated pupil
  • 40-degree field of view
  • Nine internal fixation sights for image acquisition peripherals
  • Accurate and silent autofocus and acquisition
  • WiFi for easy transfer of images to any PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Adapter for any Slit Lamp with a patient headrest
  • Optomed Workstation software with DICOM for viewing the images, sharing, and storage
  • Low-intensity flashlight
  • Smartscope ES2 module for capturing high-quality corneal images
  • FA module for performing fluorescein angiography


  • Basic fundus examinations
  • It fits even the smallest stores
  • An ideal tool for bedridden patients and patients who are out of reach of conventional healthcare or with limited mobility
  • A simple and quick examination of children’s eyes
  • Also suitable for ROP screening in children up to 2.5 kg.
  • Early assessment of neuropathy and monitoring of optic nerve edema after neurosurgery
  • Compact and suitable for mobile vision test camps and mobile vehicles.
  • Effective screening for diabetic retinopathy at all stages
  • Slit-lamp adapter for more permanent installation
  • Patient data management software with remote consultation capability
  • Optimal from small local clinics to centralized hospitals


  • Quick and easy saving of a patient report with images
  • Basic post-processing functions to support diagnostics
  • Access to the system via internet browser for remote consultation

Main advantages of Optomed Smartscope PRO fundus camera


Digital imaging of the fundus for diagnosing diseases in ophthalmology has a special meaning when your tool can receive and process a high-resolution image.

The non-mydriatic fundus camera Optomed Smartscope PRO with additional accessories will be the best answer to doctors’ challenges in specialized departments of public hospitals and private centers. Considering the 5 MP matrix and the function of enlarging the picture by eight times, this device can compete on equal terms with the best devices in this area of ​​medicine.

However, the Optomed Smartscope PRO digital fundus camera is used in an ophthalmologist’s office. It can be used in pediatrics to examine babies, including premature babies, and in the ward with bedridden patients. The unique portable design and the ability to hold the device with one hand make it easy to operate, transport, and store the camera quickly, including in a personal or company car.

Optomed Smartscope PRO Specifications:

  • Fundus chamber type: non-mydriatic
  • Field of view: 40°
  • Magnification ratio: 8x
  • Zoom type: digital
  • Minimum pupil diameter: 3.5 mm
  • Digital camera sensor: 5 MP
  • Diopter range: -20 to +20 D
  • Display: TFT HD 2.4”; 262000 colors; anti-reflective coating
  • Memory card: SD 8 GB
  • Accessories: Removable retinoscopy module Smartscope EY4 for examination of the fundus without dilation of the pupil with a minimum size of 3 mm; removable ophthalmoscopic lens Smartscope ES2 for examination of the surface of the eye and surrounding areas
  • Interface for connecting removable optical modules
  • The integrated lens with auto focus function
  • Supported file formats: JPEG; MPEG-4/MPEG-1; DICOM
  • Additional manual setting function
  • Database creation and maintenance function
  • The function of transferring pictures to a personal computer, tablet, or laptop
  • Software bundled with the possibility of free use for 60 days
  • Dimensions and weight: 82.3*166.5*66.5mm and 400g for Smartscope M5; 67*73*160mm and 300g for Smartscope EY4; 79*70mm and 92g for Smartscope ES2


  • Retinal module EY4
  • Eye Anterior module ES2
  • Battery (2 qty)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Eye cup (2 qty)
  • Cradle
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Aluminum case

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