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Topcon Chronos Binocular Refraction System

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Topcon Chronos is a revolutionary binocular auto kerato-refractometer with built-in subjective vision determination with subjective analysis.

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Topcon Chronos allows you to measure binocular autorefraction, keratometry, and visual acuity with subjective analysis. Chronos is a compact workflow optimization tool.

Topcon Chronos from Saturn Optical is a comprehensive digital refraction solution that combines autorefraction, keratometry, and subjective refraction in one device. The fully automated system, which includes SightPilot® guided refraction software, simplifies examination and facilitates delegation.

Additionally, Chronos reduces the number of conventional refraction paths, and additional refractometers are needed. It is possible to keep a “safe” distance from the patient. Full refraction is possible in approximately 3.5 minutes!

The Chronos is a revolutionary binocular auto kerato-refractometer with built-in subjective vision determination. Chronos is also ADA-compliant and easy to adjust. Whether sitting, standing, or in a wheelchair, its multifunction capabilities allow patients to complete the exam without moving to multiple instruments.


Topcon Chronos Features

  • ​​Automated refraction by the Sight Pilot
  • Complete binocular refraction in record time (3-5 minutes)
  • Increased profitability through time and space savings
  • Very compact design for the smallest spaces
  • Increased patient comfort (one-stop refraction)
  • Remote operation possible
  • Independent of the room lighting (bright/dark)
  • Complete refraction unit
  • Binocular measurement and vision determination
  • SightPilot™ Controls
  • Minimal footprint
  • 3-in-1 device:
    • Autokerato refractometer (2x)
    • car phoropter
    • Vision screen
  • Suitable for disabled people

Space-saving, time-saving, and easily delegated

With its latest innovation, Topcon combines objective and subjective refraction and optotype projection in just one device. This saves several square meters of space, is fast and safe, and, thanks to the most innovative software, can be easily delegated to a team and carried out after a short briefing. Topcon brings refraction to a new era with Chronos, the guided, automated binocular refraction system.

Combined keratometry measurements, an objective and subjective determination of refraction


Chronos combines objective and subjective refraction determination, including keratometry measurements. The proven rotating prism technology in Topcon’s KR series (keratorefractometer) also makes prismatic testing easy with Chronos.

All tests to determine the best possible binocular vision can be carried out fully automatically with one instrument: due to the no longer required measuring section on just a single square meter, it is quick and convenient for patients who were previously dependent on the expertise of the examiner and are now independent always get the best and safest measurement.

Carry out fully automatic measurements without degrading the quality

The efficient process of determining refraction with Chronos is always the same and can be carried out manually or automatically. The new technology guides the user through the test and guarantees an optimized, consistent measurement quality.

The guided process of determining the refraction makes it easy to delegate the test and creates additional resources. The fast and efficient measurement creates freedom and capacities to take care of additional or more time-consuming examinations. The simple operation ensures a prescription without repetitions, disruptive lens changes, and fewer measurements on different devices. Chronos consistently follows the vision of Topcon Healthcare,

Carry out measurements easily and with any software

A binocular auto refractometer and a projection device for subjective binocular testing are built into Chronos. The previously necessary large refraction section, including any mirror arrangements, is no longer required, and the fully equipped automatic phoropter contributes to fast measurement. Of course, Chronos is controlled remotely.

Intuitive operation is via a tablet, thus ensuring the measurement distance required today. It doesn’t matter which tablet or computer is used for the control: the Chronos operating system is compatible with all software versions. In addition to safety, the remote-controlled examination offers an efficient process as the operator receives clear instructions based on the patient’s reactions,

The TOPCON Chronos finds space everywhere.

Chronos takes the determination of refraction into a new dimension: This affects the measurement, the equipment of the examination room, the practice, and the personnel planning. The previously required large projection surface in the examination room is no longer necessary, and refraction units and other devices or furniture are no longer needed:

Chronos contains all the functions for determining refraction and requires nothing more than the included height-adjustable table and a chair for the patient. Chronos finds space everywhere and offers additional opportunities to set up ophthalmology practices in a new and versatile way.

Sight Pilot is easy to use, optimizes work processes, and makes it possible to delegate refraction.

Testing Modes for Your Needs

Standard Mode / SightPilot

TOpcon_Chronos_ SightPilot

The key to the system is the Topcon software system known as SightPilot. This can be run from a tablet within practice and earshot of the instrument or remotely. During our visit, a member of staff hundreds of miles away was able to conduct refraction via laptop.

  • Sight Pilot has a simple user interface with a step-by-step guide through the refraction process.
  • At each step, the operator receives instructions that lead to a safe result within minutes based on the patient’s reaction.

SightPilot can be pre-programmed to go through several simple ‘yes/no’ style steps, from objective or from lens meter results, each linked to the relevant test chart (figure 6) and allowing a staff member with minimal training to undertake the testing.

Throughout the stepped process, the system will flag up when an eye care professional should take over any unexpected responses or variability (such as when my son’s accommodation fluctuated). If this does not occur, the ECP needs to look at the result data and carry out any final check of comfort, balance, or adaptation as they see fit.

In this way, as with so many of our current testing protocols with the OCT or a fields screener, data gathering may be delegated while the ECP maintains control of the final interpretation, adaptation, and prescribing. Results are then streamed, printed, and saved.


Objective measurement
Refraction measurement range Spherical refractive power -25 D – +22 D ¹
Cylindrical refractive power
Cylindrical refractive power Cylindrical refractive power
cylinder angle 1° – 180°
Corneal curvature measurement range Corneal Radius of Curvature 5.00mm – 10.00mm
corneal refractive power 67.50 D – 33.75 D
(corneal refractive index n=1.3375)
Minimum measurement steps Spherical/cylindrical power 0.12D
Cylinder axis angle
Cylinder axis angle 0.01mm
corneal refractive power 0.12D
Display of the measured values It is displayed on the screen of the control device (iPad etc.).
Display of the measured values 2.0mm
Minimum measurable
pupil diameter
50mm – 80mm
PD measurement range 0.5mm
Minimum measurement step PD
subjective measurement
Refraction measurement range
Spherical Power /ADD/Cylindrical Power
These must meet all the conditions mentioned on the right. (*4)
-18.00D ≤ Equivalent spherical power ≤ +18.00D (*2)
-8.00D ≤ Cylindrical refractive power ≤ 0.00D (*3)
cylinder angle 1° – 180°
Horizontal prism (variance range for one eye) ±15.0 5
Vertical prism (variance range for one eye) ±2.5
Minimum measurement steps Spherical/ADD power 0.25D
Cylindrical refractive power 0.25D
Cylinder axis angle
Prism power 0.1
test distance Far/near point test distance can be set between 25 cm and 6.096 m.
Visual acuity measurement range (*6) 0.05 – 1.6
Chart Visual acuity test chart, spherical power correction test chart, astigmatism correction test chart, and binocular function
test chart
Display of the measured values 155±15cd/m2
Recording of the measured values Print with thermal printer/external printer, data output
Measurement of head movement Right and left direction Inwards: -9 mm, outwards: +12.5 mm
Up – down Down: 15mm Up: 15mm
Forward-backward Forward: 20mm – Back: 20mm
Measurement of head rotation Convergence 17.5° to divergence 8.5° (center of eyeball torsion axis)
power source Voltage (AC): 100-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Power: 160VA
measures and weight 525mm (H) x 722mm (W) x 278mm (D); 31.2 kg (only device without table)

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