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Visionix VX650 Wavefront Anterior Segment Analyzer

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Visionix VX650 is the only ophthalmic diagnostic instrument that facilitates the delegation to optimize the flow of patients and save professional time.

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Visionix VX650 is the only ophthalmic diagnostic instrument that allows all eye care professionals to perform a complete eye exam at the touch of a button or a simple click. It detects all visual pathologies in less than 90 seconds per eye.

Visionix VX650 Multidiagnostic Platform is an instrument that studies the entire eye (anterior and posterior segment) in just 90 seconds and fully automatically. Visionix VX650 facilitates the delegation to optimize the flow of patients and save professional time, dedicating this time to the treatments or consultations that most require it. Therefore, it allows not to waste time in taking measurements.

The VX650 is designed and thought for current times since it allows you to consult reports remotely without needing specific software that complicates work and works in the office. “It simply makes the difficult easy so that the professional can be, precisely, more with the patients”, they underline from Luneau .

The unique eye health monitor

Visionix® VX650 from Luneau Technology revolutionizes ocular assessment by introducing the only solution that allows eye care professionals to deliver a comprehensive eye exam at the push of a button.

It incorporates a 45-degree fundus camera and all the essential technologies to evaluate anterior and posterior segments in a single device.

The highly automated VX650 lets a moderately trained user detect a wide range of visual pathologies.

Visionix VX650 Key Features

  • Pachymetry and measurement of iridocorneal angles


VX650 uses a static horizontal scan with the Scheimpflug camera to measure the IC (iridocorneal) angle and pupillometry. This is very critical for glaucoma diagnosis.

  • Corneal Topography


VX 650 provides complete corneal topography values, including the axial, tangential elevation, and refraction maps, Keratoconus probability index (KPI), Keratoconus monitoring, and Internal astigmatism measurement, Eccentricity and meridian tables, and Corneal aberrometry.

  • Anterior And Posterior Segment Analysis

A comprehensive multi-modal device for anterior/posterior segments measurement and analysis (ARK, Aberrometer, Topographer, Pachymeter, Scheimpflug camera, Tonometer, & now integrating the Fundus camera).

  • Full Range Of Clinical Applications

It detects all major defects and pathologies from the cornea to the retina, like dry-eye, keratoconus, cataract, glaucoma, nevus, diabetic retinopathy, retinal hemorrhage, and more.

  • Increased Level Of Eye Care Without Delay

Reduce overall patient movement and time in the pre-test room while providing a comprehensive examination to every patient.

  • Automated And Intuitive Data Collection

Accurate and reproducible results regardless of the operator.

  • Retinography


The advanced retinal imaging system provides color and red-free images that help diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, and Age-related Macular Degeneration. You can observe the optic disc closer and measure the Cup/Disc (C/D) ratio.

  • Efficient Data Management

Results are available for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant data sharing for review locally and remotely.

  • Telehealth And Remote-Ready

The device can be fully operated remotely. Additionally, data is available for review by a licensed practitioner – from anywhere.

  • Advanced Objective Refraction


VX650 uses the Shack-Hartmann wave maps to measure the lower-order and higher-order aberrations.  It also provides the point spread function (PSF) visualization.

More Features

  • Placido Ring corneal topographer with 100000 measurement points
  • High-density Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometry up to 1500 points
  • Scheimpflug imaging optical pachymetry
  • Retinal imaging module
  • Measures pupils as small as 2mm
  • Automatic right / left eye movement
  • Autotracking and Autofocusing
  • Auto measurement
  • Based on Wavefront technology
  • Retro-illumination – spot aberrations in the IOL and cornea scratches easily
  • Robust EMR integration

Technical Specifications


  • WIDTH: 660mm
  • DEPTH : 420mm
  • HEIGHT : 560mm
  • WEIGHT : 32Kg

Pachymetry, IC (iridocorneal) angle and pupillometry

Feature Value
Method Static horizontal scan with the Scheimpflug camera
Pachymeter measuring range 150-1300m
Pachymetry resolution +/- 10m
IC angle measuring range 0°-60°
IC resolution 0.1°
Pupil illumination Blue light 455nm

Retroillumination, corneal topography by specular reflection

Feature Value
Number of rings 24
Number of measuring points 6.144
Number of points analyzed More than 100,000
Diameter of covered corneal area at 43D From 0.75 mm to more than 10 mm
Measurement range From 37.5 D to 56 D
Repeatability 0.03mm
Method Placido rings


Feature Value
Measurement range Calibrated range 7 – 44 mmHg


Feature Value
Alignment XYZ automatic
Display 10.1” (1024 x 600) TFT screen Multi-touch screen
Observation area ø 14 mm
Medical device directive EC MDD 93/42/EC modified by directive 2007/47/EC
Output RS232 / USB / VGA / LAN / HDMI / DP

Power mapping and refraction

Feature Value
Spherical power range -20D to +20D
Cylinder power range 0D to ±8D
Axis 0 to 180°
Measuring area Min. ø 2mm – Max. 7mm (3zones)
Number of measuring points 1,400 points for 7mm pupil at 0D
Acquisition time 0.2sec
Method Shack-Hartmann


Feature Value
Angle of view 45°
Resolution 6Mpix
Optical resolution > 60 lines/mm


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