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ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp premium optical quality

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The ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp is a pinnacle of optical innovation for comprehensive eye examinations. Experience unparalleled clarity, ergonomic design, and the trusted ZEISS quality. Essential for optometrists and ophthalmologists seeking the best diagnostic tools

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The Zeiss SL 800 Slit Lamp is a state-of-the-art instrument that delivers exceptional performance in clinical examinations. Equipped with perfectly balanced Zeiss optics, it provides high-quality imaging and illumination options, enabling healthcare professionals to reveal vital details for accurate diagnosis.
Zeiss slit lamp’s user-friendly design and modularity make it easy to customize and adapt to the specific needs of any practice, enhancing clinical workflow and efficiency. Zeiss SL 800 is indispensable for practitioners seeking advanced technology and versatility in eye examinations.
With perfectly balanced ZEISS optics, extensive illumination options, and a user-friendly operator concept directly at your fingertips, the SL 800 from ZEISS reveals details for diagnosis and optimizes your workflow. Furthermore, the modularity and the wide range of optional components and accessories adapt to your needs whenever necessary.

Features of ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp :

  • Superior optics for high-definition image quality.

Larger sl800 Zeiss lenses enable a higher level of light-throughput. In combination with anti-reflex coating, they also provide a high-definition image in true-to-life color with high contrast – even in 40x magnification. Additionally, the apochromatic optimization significantly reduces chromatic and spherical aberrations in favor of visualizing structural details.

  • Innovative design for enhanced focus on your patients. 

With the new AutoView functionality, you can easily change magnification with a motorized two-button mechanism. An optional electronic QuickStop brake is also activated without the need to release the joystick. The intelligent Eco-Mode helps conserve energy by shutting down automatically when not in use. The Zeiss SL 800  then turns on again simply by touching the joystick. The next-generation slit lamp, SL 800 from ZEISS, delivers trusted performance in a modern design.

  • Extensive illumination and filter options. 

Whether you prefer the cold-white examination light of an LED or a warm-white halogen-like illumination, the new VarioLight feature allows you to switch between the two seamlessly. This provides a sharper and clearer image and a more natural fundus impression. With the integrated and optional filters and diffusers, the SL 800 can completely observe both the anterior and posterior segments.

  • ZEISS SL Imaging Solution*

The optional ZEISS SL Imaging Solution enables the convenient capturing of high-quality images and videos for documentation, patient consultation, or presentations. Combine the SL Imaging Software with the SL cam compact to provide extended functionality for the SL 800

Thanks to perfectly balanced ZEISS optics, extensive lighting options, and ergonomic solutions, the SL 800 by ZEISS allows for precise examination and optimizes the workflow. Thanks to its modular structure and a wide range of optional components and accessories, it can be adapted to individual needs when necessary.


Enhance your focus. Innovative operator concept.

  • With AutoView control, you can easily change magnification with the motorized two-button mechanism next to the joystick.
  • The QuickStop electronic brake activates with no need to release the joystick.
  • The intelligent stand-by EcoMode saves energy by shutting down automatically when not in use.

Product Specifications of ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp  :

Product Name  ZEISS SL 800 Slit Lamp
Model SL 800
Magnification 6x/10x/16x/25x/40x, with 10x eyepiece,
compensation of ametropia ±8 dpt
Convergent tube 50 – 84 mm;
Parallel tube 52 – 78 mm
Light source LED
Slit illumination VarioLight cold-white,
VarioLight warm-white
Filters Red, blue, green (red-free), diffusor
Slit width Continuously 0 – 12 mm
Slit length Continuously 0 – 12 mm with scale index;
variable in steps 0.2/1/3/5/9/12 mm
Slit diameter 0.2/1/3/5/9/12 mm
Slit rotation Continuously 0° – 180°;
click stop at 45°/90°/135°
Slit decentration
Available; fixable at 0°
Slit inclination
Swivel range of
slit projector
180° with scale; click stop at 0°/±45°/±60°
Operation Control panel with joystick,
brightness control; Controls for AutoView & QuickStop
Adjusting range 110 mm (side), 30 mm (height), 110 mm
Power supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Accessories for ZEISS SL 800

Tonometry Applanation tonometer AT 030
Fundus VarioView, mirror (short)
Other Tube adapter 20°, yellow filter-aperture
module, 10x eyepiece with scales, beam
splitter 50/50, co-observation tube, fixation
light, breath shield, paper pads for chinrest
Dimensions (W x H x D) 315 mm x 655 mm ± 15 mm x 395 mm
Weight 12 kg (incl. headrest)


  • ZEISS SL-800
  • AutoView (motorized magnification changer with 5 magnification levels: 6x/10x/16x/25x/40x)
  • QuickStop – (electronic emergency brake)
  • SL cam compact is an 18 mega-pixel camera with an integrated yellow filter aperture module, including SL Imaging SW
  • Ambient lighting enables the brightening of the slit surroundings for image and video recordings



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