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Alcon Centurion Phaco Vision System

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Alcon Centurion is a phacoemulsification unit for use in vitrectomy procedures. Packed with the latest technology and design, it is another landmark achievement for Alcon. This CENTURION surpasses their previous product line from versatility to ease of use.

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Alcon Centurion is a phacoemulsification unit for use in vitrectomy procedures. Packed with the latest technology and design, it is another landmark achievement for Alcon. This CENTURION surpasses their previous product line from versatility to ease of use.

According to Alcon, this unit will automatically adapt to the eye’s changing conditions. And it will provide smoother fluidics, anterior chamber stability, and surgical precision.

Phacoemulsification is the go-to procedure for cataract surgery. This procedure involves removing the cloudy lenses and the cataract from the eye. The Alcon CENTURION Vision System strives to do just that with improved efficiency.


Alcon Centurion Vision System Key Features

  • Graphic user interface (GUI):
    • – Displays essential data at all times
    • – Easy access to adjustable parameters for efficient customization
  • Wireless remote: This allows technicians to control the machine from different areas within the OR. Snap focus keys interact with the GUI.
  • HD Monitor: 17-inch adjustable touch screen interface allows for easy visibility from within the OR.
  • Adjustable tray: Neutral setup provides accessibility for OD/OS procedures.
  • Rotating work surface: For easy surgical flexibility.
  • Task light: Provides convenient illumination whenever it’s needed during the procedure.
  • Wheels: Three-inch wheels with locking casters provide cord protection and easy OR setup.
  • Foot handle: This allows surgeons and techs to quickly move the machine after scrubbing in.

We will learn more about the Alcon CENTURION® below. Keep reading.

An overview of the Alcon CENTURION

The CENTURION has a similar design to other products in Alcon’s vitrectomy units. However, it is more efficient in terms of performance. Plus, it integrates well with other available devices in the room, allowing faster operations.

This unit provides surgeons with better abilities to remove cataracts in the eye. It automatically adapts to continuous changes in the eye for more surgical precision.

Users can perform cataract-removal surgery using three methods. They are ultrasonic phacoemulsification, liquefaction, and oscillated ultrasound. It makes use of mechanical oscillation and ultrasound to break down cataracts. As a result, it allows better handling of lens tissue than old methods.

The unit’s OZil handpiece and INTREPID Balanced Tip make this possible. Furthermore, Alcon launched an upgrade in 2019 with the ACTIVE SENTRY Handpiece and the INTREPID Hybrid Tip. These upgrades will make the existing technology more consistent and provide better control and safety.

The Active Fluidics Technology also regulates intraocular pressure (IOP) to optimize the anterior chamber’s stability. This technology, coupled with laser cataract removal methods, will provide patients and doctors with a safer and more efficient way.

The latest phacoemulsifier for cataract removal – is Alcon Centurion.

Fastest Phacoemulsification

Innovative Active Flow technology maintains a constant safe level of intraocular pressure and stability of the anterior chamber, protecting your eyes as much as possible. Thanks to effective low-energy cataract removal, it has become possible to perform surgery even in complicated cataracts (in the eyes of small size, swelling cataract, small chamber, subluxation of the lens).

The previous generation of phacoemulsifiers that are still used by many clinics: Alcon Infiniti, Bausch & Lomb Stellaris.

Complete control of the anterior chamber
The most crucial factor for the safety of cataract phacoemulsification is maintaining a constant volume of the eye’s anterior chamber. The surgeon can safely manipulate without fear of damaging the surrounding structures of the eye. Active control technology maintains a safe level of intraocular pressure individually for each patient.

The maximum freedom for the surgeon
Thanks to the new technology, the surgeon has the freedom to be active during the operation. Its actions can be compared to using the sport mode while driving a car.

Maximum Safety
By using a compressor, instead of the traditional BSS bottle, it has become possible to increase the vacuum and supply of the BSS liquid to maintain the eye’s volume in a physiological state. The system automatically controls all the flows into the eye during the operation – the technology of “Active flows,” we call this operation active cataract phacoemulsification.

Reducing the power of ultrasound by several times
Due to the high vacuum, clouded particles of the lens are permanently attached to the tip, and ultrasound is required for destruction, several times less potent than in previous models of phacoemulsifiers.

Minimal eye trauma
Ozil’s latest and improved phacoemulsification handle is more physiologically shaped for the eye and allows the surgeon to reach the lens without damaging other eye structures. And the new movements of the tip needle even more effectively and quickly destroy the clouded lens.

What are the main features?

Centurion Phaco Machine packs many features useful in cataract lens extraction and anterior vitrectomy. Here are its main features and highlights.

  • Active Fluidics Technology

Active Fluidics Technology  

The Centurion Phaco Machine offers the latest Active Fluidics Technology for stable procedures. This tech is more advanced and performs better than a gravity-based Fluidics system.

You can set the target intraocular pressure (IOP) with Centurion Phaco Machine. Then, the Active Fluidics Technology will constantly monitor the aspiration flow rate, vacuum rate, and infusion pressure. This helps us maintain the preset IOP.

Therefore, we do not have to manually operate or adjust vacuum or aspiration flow rate parameters. The automated system helps surgeons minimize and adapt to such changes in intraocular pressure (IOP).

Plus, you can regulate the IOP with a feedback loop instead of gravity flow to keep it active. This results in a stable anterior chamber during cataract eye surgery. And it offers dynamic control of pressure resulting in better outcomes during surgery.

  • Balanced Energy Technology  

The Balanced Energy Technology of the Centurion Phaco Machine offers an elegant and smooth performance. Surgeons can carry out phacoemulsification procedures efficiently with more control. The OZil phaco and INTREPID Balanced Tip make this possible.

The OZil Intelligent Phaco reduces occlusion break surge and boosts followability. And with the aid of improved fluidics, it helps for better emulsification reducing the use of fluids. The INTREPID Balanced Tip probe helps cut more accurately and uses energy effectively.

The probe performs well even in low-power outputs. This reduces energy levels and gives more precision and control to the surgeons.

The two combine to reduce heat transfer in the eye during surgery. Thus, it leads to a lower rise in temperature. All in all, the energy delivery of the CENTURION accelerates cataract removal and increases torsional efficiency.

  • Applied Integration  

Another highlight of CENTURION is its versatility in integrating with other technologies. This unit’s innovative design helps it blend well with other units for multiple configurations.

The Centurion Phaco Machine can seamlessly connect with other available Alcon technologies. In addition, you can upgrade the system to accommodate new or existing technologies. These include the LenSx laser, VERION Image Guided System, LuxOR surgical microscopes, INTREPID Irrigation Sleeves, and more.

The ergonomic and user-friendly design also helps make better use of this system. All in all, the versatile nature of the unit offers surgeons variability during surgery.

  • New Phaco technology  

To add to its safety and consistency, Alcon introduced the INTREPID Hybrid Tip and ACTIVE SENTRY Handpiece in 2019. These new products are a step up from the existing OZil Phaco and INTREPID Balanced Tip.

Made exclusively for the Centurion Phaco Machine Vision System, it offers eye surgeons a safer and more consistent solution. The ACTIVE SENTRY is a unique handpiece that can detect pressure on the go. This is possible with a built-in reader that detects fluidics pressure.

The INTREPID Hybrid Tip comes with a circular polymer edge. This ensures the safety and reduces risks during surgery. Plus, it can cut through cataracts with up to 3+ densities.

Altogether, these innovations will help improve cataract surgery with consistent outcomes.

  • AutoSert IOL

AutoSert IOL

The AutoSert IOL Delivery System in the Centurion Phaco Machine is another feature essential during cataract procedures. This injector allows smooth and consistent delivery of IOL. And this happens at predetermined speeds for single-hand insertions.

Manual injectors require you to push the IOL through the incision in short bursts and rest. This can cause distortion and stretch. However, you will get minor incision stretching with the AutoSert on the faster setting.  

You can also use the food pedal for better stabilization. Furthermore, the AutoSert feature supports several incision sizes, including micro-incisions less than 2.4 mm for cataract surgeries.

  • Innovative software 

The software settings on the Centurion Phaco Machine also offer surgeons a wide array of settings. You can set the vacuum control, aspiration rate, etc., for flexible control and removal of cataracts.

Additional highlights
  • Large LCD touchscreen display
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Motorized I/V pole
  • Adjustable tray
  • Storage drawer
  • Rotating work surface


  • Remote control
  • Footswitch
  • Foot Pedal
  • Hospital Grade Power Supply
  • Instrument tray
  • Operation manual
  • Cover hood
  • Power cord
  • Ultrasound FMS Packs – Centurion FMS Pack, 0.9 mm, 45° Intrepid Balanced Tip – 8065752201


  • Link USB
  • HD Video Overlay
  • emote control
  • Footswitch wireless
  • BSS pouch holder
  • Gravity Pack Basic
  • Gravity Ultra 45 Balanced
  • Active Nano 45 Balanced
  • Active Ultra 45 Balanced
  • Active Ultra 30 Balanced
  • Active Ultra 45 Mini Flared
  • Active Nano
  • Active Ultra
  • Active FMS Pak Basic
  • 23 G UltraVit® Anterior Vitrectomy Probe
  • Ozil Phaco Handpiece Ref Nr 8065751761


  • INTREPID® AutoSert® IOL injector
  • Centurion® OZil® handpiece


To wrap it up, the CENTURION Vision System from Saturn Optical sets the standard for many phacoemulsification systems. The flexibility and performance of this unit live up to its promise.

Surgeons note the difference in efficiency and stability during surgeries. With multiple removal alternatives, they can pick the best solution for patients.



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