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Canon CR-2 AF Non-Myd Mydriatic Retinal Camera

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Canon CR-2 AF is performed using a Canon EOS camera modified for ophthalmology, which allows obtaining unique red-free and producing and saving high-resolution images.

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Canon CR-2 AF Retinal Camera is a compact non-mydriatic fundus camera that provides 45° observation. Fundus imaging is performed using a Canon EOS camera modified for ophthalmology, which allows obtaining unique red-free and cobalt digital images in addition to color photographs. The flash uses LEDs for a “soft” flash and longer life.

Special software is designed to control the digital camera and image processing, and software tools allow you to optimize the examination and patient management process. After image registration, it is possible to compare studies, calculate diagnostic coefficients, analyze RGB channels, and much more.


A new standard of diagnostic capabilities

CANON CR-2 PLUS is the successor to the CR-2. This non-mydriatic digital retinal camera sets a new standard of diagnostic capabilities, producing and saving high-resolution images so you can focus on the results!

Canon’s renowned proprietary EOS camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been exclusively adapted to create a unique digital camera dedicated to retinal photography:

Canon CR-2 AF Key Features:

  • non-mydriatic fundus chamber 45°;
  • digital zoom 2x;
  • low-energy lighting mode when shooting;
  • high-quality fundus images;
  • using Canon EOS technology;
  • red-free and cobalt digital filters;
  • automatic exposure setting when shooting;
  • stereo photography;
  • shooting mode of the anterior segment of the eye;
  • lighting is implemented only on LEDs;
  • ergonomic case design;
  • special software for registration and image processing;
  • an open interface for interaction with clinical data transfer systems and support for the DICOM standard.

The CR-2 Plus AF has four automatic functions, including high-speed Auto-focus and Auto-shot, facilitating the capture of high-quality retinal images with increased operating ease. Like its predecessor, the new retinal camera supports the observation and treatment of eye disorders by including a fundus auto-fluorescence (FAF) imaging function, making it well suited for eye clinics and general hospitals that do not only conduct general health examinations but also provide treatment for patients.

The CR-2 Plus AF’s four automatic functions include three new functions: Auto-switching, which automatically shifts from the anterior eye to the fundus; Auto-focus, which delivers rapid auto-focusing performance; and Auto-shot, which automatically captures images as soon as the camera is in position.

The three new automatic functions join the Auto-exposure function, also included in the earlier model, for four automatic functions to make capturing high-quality diagnostic images more accessible than ever. The four automatic features also contribute to reduced examination times for reduced stress on patients.

High-Resolution Images. See the smallest details, don’t miss pathology


The CR-2 AF provides ultra-high resolution, 24-megapixel, wide-angle views with excellent color, detail, and contrast, making diagnosing and detecting ocular conditions and diseases easy.

Canon was the first company to introduce a Non-Myd Retinal Camera as far back as 1976. The CR-2 AF was built on that legacy. It is equipped with superb Canon optics, and Canon’s own EOS digital camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, has been adapted exclusively for Canon retinal cameras to offer optimal retinal imaging for the highest image quality.

In addition, the unique Canon Opacity Suppression feature largely suppresses the effects of cataracts and other ocular opacities.

Ease of use


The compact design of the CR-2 AF results in a short reaching distance, allows the operator to easily keep the patient’s eye open with one hand and permits an excellent view of the patient’s eye. The stage part has a specially shaped surface to act as a grip; it provides easy handling for quick and efficient image capture.

Centralized controls and multifunctional joystick


Operation panel with Centralized controls and multifunctional joystick for intuitive operation. Switches are illuminated for easy operation in darkened rooms.
The multifunctional joystick combines many functions: It is used to control the up and down movement of the optical head, which is powered for effortless operation. Besides the shutter release button, there is an alignment button to switch between the view of the anterior eye and retina and a focus ring that can be used for manual focus control.

Stereo Photography


The CR-2 AF is also suitable for stereo photography by taking two retinal images sequentially to form a stereo pair. The capture sequence is simple, with easy stereo guides shown on the observation monitor. Or create a stereo set manually and create a pair in the RX software.

Canon CR-2 AF Specifications:

Type Non-Mydriatic
Photography Modes Color, Digital Red-Free, Digital Cobalt
Auto Function AE (Auto Exposure) / AF (Auto Focus) / AS (Auto Short) / Auto Switching Between Anterior and Retinal Observation
Angle of Photography ø 4.0mm (SP mode ø 3.3mm)
Magnification X2 (digital)
Photography modes Colour / D-RF / D-Cobalt
Anterior segment photography 44℃
Magnification 2x (Digital)
Mounted Digital Camera CR-2 AF Dedicated Digital Camera Unit by Canon EOS Camera Technology
Sensor Resolution Approx. 20.2 Megapixels
Diopter Compensation Range Without Compensation Lens : -10 D to +15 D / With (-) Compensation Lens : -31 D to -7 D / With (+) Compensation Lens : +11 D to +33 D
Working Distance 35mm
Focus adjustment Alignment of Split Lines
Operation Distance Anterior Observation: Double Image Match Method / Fundus Observation: Working Distance Dots
Internal Eye Fixation LED Dot Matrix
Observation Light Source Infrared LED
Photography Light Source White LED
Movement Range Stage: 70mm Front and Back, 100mm Left to Right
Main Unit: 32mm Up and Down
Operating Environment Temperature: 10℃ to 35℃
Humidity: 30%RH
Dimension (W x D x H) 305 x 500 x 473mm
Weight Approx. 15kg (including 0.8kg Digital Camera)


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