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Topcon SOLOS Automatic Lens Analyzer

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Topcon SOLOS is a fully automatic lensmeter with automatic recognition of the lens type, automatic marking, and mapping of single vision, varifocal, and other multifocal lenses.

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Topcon is launching a fully automated SOLOS lens meter that can measure a variety of lens types from both ground and unpolished raw lenses. After identifying the lens type and intensity, SOLOS automatically marks the lenses, also taking into account the prism intensity and the center of the lens.

The measuring range of the lens meter is wide, as the device detects different types of lenses up to +/- 20 DPT. Topcon SOLOS recognizes both single-power lenses and various progressive lenses while providing information on transmitting visible light, UV-A, and blue light to the lens material. The transmittance curves produced by the spectrometer, for example, help to illustrate the benefits of blue light coatings to customers.

The spectrometer can also be used to accurately identify the lens color, for example, from the customer’s previous sunglasses or tinted spectacle lenses. This information can be used, for example, when the customer wants a lens of a certain color or when they want to replace only another tinted lens.

The results of the lens measurement can either be printed from the device’s built-in printer or exported electronically to the EMR system. In addition, measurement results can be sent for visual examination to a Topcon CV-5000 digital phoropter or a Topcon Chronos visual examination unit.



The Solos is the new fully automatic top strength meter from Topcon!

Topcon SOLOS combines a fully automatic focimeter with a broadband spectrometer and marking for precise lens analysis and enables the recognition of the lens type and the automatic marking and mapping of single vision, varifocal, and other multifocal lenses – for advanced, precise lens analysis at the push of a button.

Topcon SOLOS measures the glass’s strength fully automatically, simultaneously, and binocularly and can be operated by anyone.

At the touch of a button, the Solos measures spherical and cylindrical values ​​fully automatically and detects and measures monofocal and multifocal lenses fully automatically. The UV-A, blue light, and light transmittance are also measured.

The measurement data is transmitted wirelessly or via a LAN connection.

Topcon SOLOS main features

  • The automated, one-touch operation
  • Brillenglas-Mappings
  • Measurement of transmission for UV-A, blue light, and visible light
  • Automatic lens recognition
  • Automatic marking
  •  Wireless data transfer
  •  Extended measuring range up to +/- 20 D

Topcon SOLOS Specifications

  • The automated, one-touch operation
  • Lens mapping
  • UV-A, blue light and visible light transmittance measurements
  • Automatic marking
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Extended measurement ranger (up to +/- 20D)
  • Dimensions: W245mm x H450mm x D354mm
  • Weight: Net Weight: 8kg
  • Printer: Internal (thermal)
  • Screen: Touch screen LCD/16M colors, 7”
  • Light source: Green e-line source
  • Working conditions: 10°C to 40°C
  • Power supply: AC 100 – 240V — 50/60Hz
  • Classification: Class I Medical Device – EU Regulation 2017/745
  • Standards: ISO 8598
  • Data output: LAN, Wi-Fi
  • Sphere power: -20D ~ +20D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Cylinder power: -10D ~ +10D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Cylinder axis: 0 ~ 180° (step 1°)
  • Addition power: -4D ~ +4D (step 0.01, 0.125, 0.25D)
  • Prism power: -10D ~ +10D (step 0.01)
  • PD measurement: Mono / Bino
  • Cylinder: – / +
  • Spectrometer: 315nm – 800nm
  • Automatic Marking: Optical Center and Axis (framed glasses or uncut lenses)

Simple process

Topcon SOLOS combines a focimeter with a broadband spectrometer and marking for precise lens analysis.

With a simple one-touch operation, SOLOS automatically positions the glasses, determines the lens type, and carries out comprehensive measurements of both lenses.

The transmittance measurement function enables the measurement of the light wave transmittance of all glass materials. The transmission diagram helps to explain the advantages of UV-A and blue light protection.

Measurement results can be sent to the integrated printer or wirelessly to your EMR system, Topcon’s CV-5000S digital phoropter, or Chronos binocular refraction system.

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