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Alcon WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario Diagnostic Device

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WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario combines non-contact corneal topography, keratometry, and pupillometry in one device.

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WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario diagnostic device is the next evolution of the proven Topolyzer technology, which combines non-contact corneal topography, keratometry, and pupillometry in one device.

WaveLight Topolyzer Vario is an advanced corneal mapping device used to perform topography-guided Custom Ablation Treatment (T-CAT) or Contoura LASIK.

The device is fairly small. The size and space requirements are similar to most other diagnostic devices we have in our practice. Unlike other devices, where we are usually replacing an old device with a new one, we had to find a new space for the Topolyzer VARIO. I think the fact that the system is innovative actually makes it easier to bring in people for training because they are not used to using it in another location in the office or in the laser center versus the practice. Surgeons can figure out where it works best for them.

Daniel S. Durrie, MD

By gathering information from 22,000 data points on the cornea, the WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario generates an ultra-high-resolution corneal image. A laser algorithm specific to each eye is developed to rectify even the subtle corneal imperfections. This information is seamlessly integrated into WaveLight EX500 excimer laser for the perfect custom LASIK surgery.

The WaveLight Topolyzer VARIO integrates non-contact topography, keratometry, and pupillometry in a single device.


Navigate, view, and compare corneal scans more efficiently–with fewer clicks

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

  • Refined navigation system
  • Intuitive pupil detection and image selection
  • One-click printing
  • Simplified drop-down menus and shortcuts
  • WaveNet™ Integration
  • Smooth export functions

Get the whole picture


  • Scans cover more of the screen than the previous version
  • One-click toggles between Placido, topography, and camera image views
  • Thumbnail previews improve organization

Easily compare scans

  • Exams are automatically ordered
  • Side-by-side positioning on the screen
  • Switch from ‘preferred’ to ‘excluded’ with ease

WaveLight TOPOLYZER Features:

  • User-friendly handling of the calibration check and automatic measurement release provides high reproducibility.
  • Complete spectrum of optical measurements, data analysis, and image representations
  • Transfers data to the WaveLight Refractive Suite through the WaveNet integrated computer network

WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario diagnostic device based on the Placyda disc system. It is supported by a system of 22 measuring rings with 22,000 elevation points and an optimized edge detection system with sub-pixel zoom up to 1/10 pixels.

Detection of heights up to 1,300 microns. The standard deviation for a height of 1,200 microns is between 3 and 4 microns. It allows you to make reliable measurements of the cloudy eye.

In practice, using Topolyzer VARIO is similar to capturing wavefront data for wavefront-guided surgery. It is important to capture highly accurate topographic maps with the Topolyzer VARIO as the starting point for surgery. Multiple captures are necessary to assure the maps in closest agreement are chosen to filter out noise. It is preferable to set up the Topolyzer VARIO in a room with consistent lighting and near other diagnostic devices that are required in the patient workup.

Ronald R. Krueger, MD

The user-friendly calibration control system and the automatic measurement system (performed with the help of the built-in keratometer) enable a high degree of repeatability.

Efficient Corneal Measurement System via 3-D User Guidance System

A highly efficient data processing system equipped with an automatic eye recognition system (OD / OS) allows for obtaining more reliable output data.

After evaluating the digital signals, the device transmits the data to a top-of-the-line notebook via a high-speed USB connection.

Software and data management system provide:

WaveLight Topolyzer VARIO

  • Ease of entering patient data (with additional comments)
  • Automatic detection of keratoconus, taking into account the parameters of the cornea (corneal shape, eccentricity, asphericity) for different angles and diameters, enabling advanced diagnostic assessment and interpretation of patient data.
  • Zernike and Fourier analysis
  • Map comparison mode (e.g., pre-and postoperative keratoplasty maps)
  • Refractive map display mode
  • Elevation map display mode
  • System of pupillometric measurements and high-resolution infrared eye imaging system.
  • A function that assesses pupil center shift under different lighting conditions and for different pupil sizes.
  • Automatic checking of the quality of measurements ensuring cyclotorsia control (carried out by the software of the excimer laser)
  • Integrated network connection to the WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser system used in the preparation of topography treatment
  • Data export function via USB port to ALLEGRETTO WAVE® / Eye-Q laser systems supporting the preparation of topography treatment
  • Integrated backup and storage system

WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario Specifications:

  • Measurement range:
    Corneal radius 3 to 38 mm.
    Refractive power 9 to 99 D.
  • Notebook computer
    with software.
  • T-CAT software module for the WaveLight® excimer laser system

The A-CAT software enables data transfer from the Topolyzer ™ VARIO ™ ‡ diagnostic tool to the WaveLight® excimer laser systems and customized Topography-Guided treatments.

Clinical indications for topography-guided treatment:

  • Earlier decentration
  • Magnification of small optical zones
  • Irregular ablations as a result of previous treatment
  • Cases after RK procedures
  • Pokeratoplastic cases

WaveLight TOPOLYZER Vario tool is only available in combination with the WaveLight laser system.

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