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HAAG-STREIT Octopus 900 Ophthalmic Perimeter

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Octopus 900 provides impressive adaptability, so you don’t need rapid screening tests, early diagnosis, general threshold, or clinical testing. With fantastic performance for the demanding clinic and practice.

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Octopus 900 is the latest Perimeter on the market to measure fields of view with fantastic performance for the demanding clinic and practice. The work aimed to make a demonstration video of the device for its manufacturer Haag-Streit and importer Essmed Finland Oy. They can use the demonstration video to introduce the device and its use to their customers.

Octopus 900 is the only Perimeter of this type that allows you to perform perimetry by four methods on one device. Octopus 900 will always provide impressive adaptability so that you don’t need rapid screening tests, early diagnosis, general threshold, or clinical testing.

Octopus 900 performs standard white-on-white threshold testing in just 2-4 minutes in a central field of view. Due to the 90 ° dome, full 180 ° peripheral testing is possible. This allows for disability testing, including ptosis testing and driving binocular tests.

With the Octopus 900, kinetic vectors can be defined anywhere and with all available characteristics as with a manual Goldman perimeter. The Octopus 900 automatically detects loss of fixation and adapts to patients until optimal test conditions are achieved. With the Octopus Blink Control function, any stimulus at a static perimeter will never be missed.

Octopus 900 Basic Features:

  • All-in-One Perimeter: Standard Automated Perimetry, SWAP, Flicker, and Goldmann Kinetik
  • Fastest Test Strategy: Full threshold test within 2:30 minutes
  • Goldmann Kinetic: Official successor to the original Goldmann perimeter
  • Reliability: True fixation control and automated Eye Tracking
  • Networkability: Ethernet connection and EMR interface
  • High resolution and fast peripheral testing
  • Semi-automated Kinetic Perimetry
  • Automate baseline peripheral testing
  • Full-field standard white-on-white perimetry
  • Flexible interfaces for easy integration
  • Immediately identify levels of change
  • An intuitive interpretation of visual field results
  • Providing meaningful results
  • Combining structure and function
  • Fixation control Reliable results made easy



Simplified and more consistent operation

Benefit from the flexibility of a manual Goldmann but enjoy simplified and more consistent operation. Vector speed is now controlled and thus repeatable; operator and patient reaction time influence is mainly eliminated, and normal isopters provide guidance. And why not translate your standard clinical testing protocol into a template for all your patients that you can still adapt depending on the pathology?


EyeSuite software

Easy integration in your practice workflow

The EyeSuite software has been designed for optimum patient flow in busy practices. It controls all Haag-Streit devices and allows them to be networked with other Haag-Streit devices, your office computer, and your EMR system without needing any expensive third-party software.



Sensitive glaucoma analysis

The sensitive Cluster Analysis groups visual field defects along with nerve fibre bundles and combines high sensitivity with good specificity to detect early glaucomatous changes. Significant defects are highlighted, and the cluster defects can be used for structural comparison. Cluster Analysis is available in both single field and trend view.

Patient groups requiring Octopus 900 testing

  • Children and adolescents with amblyopia;
  • Patients with macular degeneration;
  • Patients with glaucoma;
  • Patients with diabetes;
  • Patients with degenerative diseases of the retina and choroid;
  • Patients with neurological diseases (tumors, brain injuries, etc. ).

Benefits of the Octopus 900 Computer Perimeter

  • Method objectivity
  • High level of eye control
  • Selective and individual approach to the examination of patients
  • High sensitivity and high accuracy of results
  • Dynamic monitoring of the course of the disease
  • Statistical data processing
  • Using the TOP strategy, the average duration of the study is no more than 3 minutes.
  • True domed Perimeter (by Goldmann) that does not distort examination results and provides the most accurate static and kinetic perimetry
  • The patient can blink as the system automatically remembers the stimuli that the patient missed with his eyes closed and repeats them after a while

For which ophthalmic complaints is it recommended to use OCTOPUS 900 Perimeter?

Examination of the visual field is essential in diagnosing many ophthalmic lesions and diseases. These include, but are not limited to:

  • glaucoma(glaucoma) detection, detection, and measurement of the long-term vision-preserving effect of the treatment
  • detection of inflammatory diseases affecting the optic nerve (e.g., multiple sclerosis)
  • changes in the site of visual acuity (macular degeneration)
  • detection of circulatory disorders and hypoxia in the eye, measurement of change
  • detection and measurement of the visual effect of inherited retinal diseases, long-term follow-up of the change (e.g., retinitis pigmentosa)
  • diseases and injuries of the visual tract connecting the eye to the brain (e.g., mapping of brain processes, conditions after cerebral spasm)
  • occupational health, fitness tests, driver, aircraft driver, sports suitability assessment

OCTOPUS 900 Perimeter is one of the world’s leading vision testers. Suitable for screening, static threshold perimetry (i.e., detailed mapping of visual field sensitivity), detailed macular examination, neurological examination, and kinetic visual field examination.

Special software for the change (stability or deterioration) essential for glaucoma care is exceptional, which detects and measures both local and general change, and distinguishes the decrease in sensitivity from cataracts from the deterioration from glaucoma. It also offers outstanding opportunities in the early diagnosis of glaucoma.

OCTOPUS 900 Specifications

STIMULUS GENERATION Mirror projection system
PERIPHERAL RANGE 180° (30 cm radius Goldmann bowl)
STIMULUS DURATION (MS) 100, 200, 500, 1000, infinite
STIMULUS INTENSITY 0.2-10000 (47db)
FIXATION CONTROL Blink Control, Pupil Position Control, AET (Automated Eye Tracking)
DATA IMPORT Octopus 101, 123, 300, and 600; HFA
MEASURES 648 mm x 519 mm x 796 mm; 25.5’’ x 20.4’’ x 31.3’’
WEIGHT 25 kg; 55 lbs

Test Methods

  • Standard white-on-white perimetry SAP
  • Blue/yellow perimetry SWAP
  • Flicker perimetry for early diagnosis
  • Red/white perimetry (custom tests only)
  • Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry

Test Strategies

  • TOP (Tendency Oriented Perimetry, 2–4 min)
  • Dynamic (adaptive step size, 6–8 min)
  • Normal (4-2-1 bracketing, 10–12 min)
  • Other (LV: Low Vision with Goldmann V; 2-LT: 2-Level Test, 1-LT: 1-Level Test

Test Pattern

  • General/Glaucoma 30° (G1-Program, 32, 30-2, 24-2)
  • General/Glaucoma Periphery (G2-Program: 60°; 07-Program: 75°)
  • Macula (M-Program (10°/30°); 10-2)
  • Screening (ST)
  • Driving (Estermann monocular/binocular; FG: German Driving Licence)
  • Disability (BT – Blepharoptosis; BG: German Blindness)
  • Other Pathology (N1: Neurological; D1: Diabetes)
  • Custom tests


  • Laptop with software
  • Manual on USB
  • Patient Response Button
  • Electric Power Table
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Power Cable
  • Professional Packaging

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