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OCULUS Pentacam AXL Wave Scheimpflug Imaging & Corneal Analyzer

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PENTACAM AXL WAVE is an indispensable device for diagnosing and monitoring the topography and tomography of the anterior part of the eye.

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PENTACAM AXL WAVE is an indispensable device for diagnosing and monitoring the evolution of various eye diseases and for making the necessary measurements for cataract surgery, diopter correction, glaucoma, keratoconus, etc.

The Pentacam AXL Wave showed comparable repeatability in the normal and keratoconus groups, but was poorer in the CXL group, more so with increasing corneal haze. Both devices can be used interchangeably in normal eyes, except for SA, but not in eyes with keratoconus or CXL

Pooja Khamar, MD, PhD

Investigations performed with PENTACAM AXL do not miss, do not affect vision, have a concise execution duration, and the result is available immediately.

PENTACAM AXL WAVE offers a diagnosis of maximum precision for the entire anterior segment of the eye through a very short exposure, being called the “Gold Standard” (Gold Standard) in the topography and tomography of the anterior part of the eye.



What is Pentacam AXL Wave

Pentacam AXL Wave is a multifunctional device used to perform several investigations on the anterior segment of the eye. It is used in diagnosing and monitoring the evolution of certain eye diseases but also in studies before cataract surgery, diopter reduction, glaucoma, or keratoconus.

It is the first device that combines Scheimpflug tomography with axial length, total wavefront, refraction, and backlighting for optimal investigation! The Scheimpflug principle was first introduced by Theodor Scheimpflug, an Austrian cartographer. Photographing and evaluating an inclined oblique lens with maximum clarity and minimum distortion is possible.

The name Pentacam derives from the multifunctional ability of this device to perform five different measurements for the anterior segment of the eye: pachymetry, corneal topography, anterior and posterior curvature of the cornea, corneal astigmatism, and Scheimpflug images of the lens.

Basic features

  • Scheimpflug technology and measurements independent of the tear film
  • Wavefront amperometry for testing high-order aberrations is extremely useful for fitting multifocal and toric intraocular lenses.
  • High precision analysis of the entire anterior hemisphere
  • All programs for keratoconus, preoperative control of refractive procedures, and cataracts are included
  • Ideal solution for accurate study before the application of simple and advanced intraocular lenses (premium IOL), even in patients after refractive surgery
  • It has the largest list of formulas – ways to calculate the intraocular lens and intraocular lenses

Pentacam AXL Wave Advantages

  • qualitative evaluation of the cornea (first ocular layer) with obtaining topographic maps essential for surgical correction of diopters;
  • diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of keratoconus, as well as other corneal diseases;
  • detection and tracking of narrow-angle glaucoma, as well as establishing the indication for laser treatment (laser iridotomy) necessary for this diagnosis;
  • evaluation of the cataract stage and the position of the artificial crystals after the cataract operation;
  • measuring the artificial lens that will be implanted during cataract surgery;
  • measuring the refraction of the eye before cataract surgery or diopter reduction;
  • aberometric measurements, necessary in planning laser diopter reduction operations or intraocular lens implantation, respectively, in treating keratoconus using intracorneal rings.

The new functions of Pentacam AXL Wave support the ophthalmologist and the patient, increasing the accuracy of preoperative investigations and ensuring more accurate postoperative results. Your ophthalmologist recommends these investigations after specialist consultation.

What do investigations with Pentacam AXL Wave entail?

The Pentacam AXL Wave is the latest and most versatile device, incorporating intuitive reports based on clinical trials, with guaranteed network compatibility and full operability of all Pentacam software and exams.

Investigations performed with PENTACAM AXL Wave do not affect vision, have a short execution time, are painless, and the result is available immediately. With a very short exposure, the device can provide a diagnosis of maximum accuracy for the entire anterior segment of the eye, which is called the “Gold Standard” in the topography and tomography of the anterior part of the eye.

The intuitive guide allows you to examine both eyes in less than five minutes. These new hardware and software features allow an optical analysis of the performance of the total cornea, the eye, and the lens or implanted IOL.

In addition, the Pentacam AXL Wave comes with a comprehensive, clearly arranged display that shows all the parameters for corneal screening, IOL power selection, IOL power calculation, ICL selection and calculation, and pupil diameter in dark and dark conditions. The results are used in many clinical applications, such as refractive corneal surgery, refractive lens surgery, presbyopia solutions, and standard cataract surgery.

What conditions can Pentacam AXL Wave investigations be diagnosed with?

With the help of Pentacam, we can perform a series of essential investigations:

  • Topographies of the anterior part of the eye
  • Ophthalmic tomography
  • Optical biometrics
  • Aberometry of the whole eye
  • Autorefractometry
  • Backlight

Pentacam analyzes the center of the cornea, providing accurate corneal topographic measurements before refractive surgery. Pentacam is an indispensable tool for evaluating the cornea before and after refractive surgery.

Pentacam can accurately identify cases of ectasia and irregular forms of keratoconus.

Pentacam is used in pre-and postoperative monitoring of IOL artificial lens implant surgery cases and keratoconus and glaucoma screening.

Get a complete overview right after the intuitive survey routine.

Pentacam® AXL Wave’s new overview display is clear and presents the most critical parameters quickly, giving you a first indication of the patient’s visual performance!

The study generates intuitive reports that help you detect early ectatic disease, forms of frustrating keratoconus, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy, and more before surgery.

Custom premium IOL selection helps provide the best patient care using the established Cataract Pre-OP and the simple four-step procedure.

The IOL calculator contains a continuously updated IOL database with up to 500 different IOLs – perfect for custom IOL power calculation!



Implemented retro illumination enables convenient control of the inclination and centering of the IOL, especially the toric IOL. The integrated technology helps to improve results after the operation, if necessary.

Objective refraction and Wavefront Aberrometry Total wavefront deviation and objective refraction enable assessment, documentation, and presentation of vision quality after cataracts or refractive surgery. These fast processes help in optimizing IOL.

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