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Alcon Constellation Phaco Vision System

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Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System is an ophthalmic microsurgery system used by Ophthalmologists to perform various types of eye surgery.

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Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System is an ophthalmic microsurgery system used by Ophthalmologists to perform various types of eye surgery.

Over the years, there has been a lot of development in surgical equipment for eye surgery. And with the introduction of the Alcon CONSTELLATION, we have moved another step forward.  

The CONSTELLATION Vision System is a microsurgical unit for cataract and eye surgery. Manufactured by the American Swiss company Alcon, it is an innovative product for vitreoretinal purposes. Cataract surgery is the most common surgery in the World. Most people have good vision after cataract surgery.

Packed with a whole set of advanced features, this new system equips surgeons with a new approach. From high-speed cutting to precise laser controls, the CONSTELLATION has it all. Overall, it is fast, fluid, user-friendly, and reliable.  

Let us learn more about the CONSTELLATION® below.

Overview of the Alcon CONSTELLATION

At first glance, the Alcon CONSTELLATION looks like any other vitreoretinal unit. But what sets it apart is its innovative and unique features.

The unit can drive various handpieces, allowing surgeons to cut tissues and vitreous. It also provides emulsifying lenses, applies diathermy for bleeding control, and illumination the eye’s posterior segments.

This allows surgeons ease of use and careful precision during retinal surgeries.

The Alcon CONSTELLATION Vision System comes in a Table Top design. This allows for a modular approach and easy configuration according to the user’s needs. The Table Top is also capable of operating as a standalone unit.

The unit’s dimensions are 20 x 19 x 24 inches (length x width x height). It weighs about 135 pounds (61 kg). Remember that these measurements do not include customizable parts like the Base or the tray arm.

What are the main features of the Alcon CONSTELLATION?

The CONSTELLATION® has a ton of features and functions. Let us look at some of them in detail.

  • New ULTRAVIT high-speed probe

The AlconCONSTELLATION comes with the brand new ULTRAVIT® high-speed probe. This feature allows cutting rates of up to 5000 CPM (cuts per minute). It gives surgeons an advantage for precise operations in vitrectomy procedures.

The probe’s tip is designed to accurately operate vitreous and membrane cutting, tissue dissection, etc. Due to its high-speed cutting, we get improved vitreous removal and reduced traction.

In addition, you get various probe gauges of 20, 23, and 25. You can also switch the short handle for a longer one as it is customizable.

The whole probe unit gets its power from the Dual-Pneumatic drive technology. It controls the airflow for the precise opening and closing of the port. It is a better alternative to spring-driven probes.

  • Duty Cycle operation

The CONSTELLATION also features a duty cycle control in a commercial-grade vitrectomy device for the first time. This allows surgeons to use different duty cycles for smooth vitrectomy procedures. 

You can adjust the duty cycle and flow apart from the vacuum and cut-rate. With the duty cycle, users can choose between three options.

Firstly, we have the CORE option, where the port stays open longer than closed. The next option is 50/50, where the port is open and closed at equal rates. Finally, the SHAVE option allows the port to stay closed longer than open.

These three options make high and low-flow activities easier for surgeons.  


Alcon CONSTELLATION has a fully integrated PUREPOINT laser for optimal operation. This 532-nanometer laser allows surgeons better control and precision during surgical procedures.

With a voice command feature, the PUREPOINT thin disc laser is user-friendly and provides better functionality. Plus, the fully customizable foot switch allows surgeons to have better control.

You get a dual laser port configuration for an easy transition between EndoProbe® and indirect ophthalmoscope (LIO). You also get add-on safety systems to ensure safe operation.

  • Improved illumination system  

The CONSTELLATION® Vision System features improved illumination from its predecessors. This advanced Xenon illuminator comes in handy during tissue visualization. And it provides longer and higher brightness lighting during such procedures.

The CONSTELLATION® features four illumination ports. This allows surgeons to connect up to four instruments. And without switching plugs, they can access the controls at the push of a button.

The illuminator’s ENGAUGE® RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is also practical. Once you connect the probes, it instantly recognizes the probe type and size. It will then adjust the light intensity for that particular probe.

  • Intraocular pressure control  

Another standout feature of the CONSTELLATION® is the Intraocular pressure (IOP) control. This allows users to keep the infusion pressure in check, i.e., within 2 mm Hg. Thus, it results in a more stable intraocular pressure.

The IOP control features Alcon’s own Non-invasive Flow Sensor tech to allow better stability and control. And it uses the flow sensors below the cassette to stabilize the set pressure.

The built-in safeguards can also stop unregulated flow rates during operation. Plus, surgeons can limit the flow rate with the aspiration flow limit option. Thus, it allows for smooth and improved fluidics.

Furthermore, surgeons can now change bottles without any hassles. It also alerts them about low or empty bottles.

  • Fully customizable

Table Top is the primary user interface. Therefore, it operates as a standalone unit and controls the add-on accessories. The accessories or customizations include the Laser Module, Base, Auxillary Illuminator, and Tray Arm Assembly.

The Base supports all the add-on accessories. And with the CONSTELLATION® and the optional consoles, you have up to nine possible configurations.

Additional highlights

  • Interactive 17-inch display
  • Data card slot with 2GB memory card support
  • Two connector columns for pneumatic probes and electrical handpieces
  • Fluidics module for easy insertion of cassettes
  • Supports two types of Doctor Protection Filters when using the laser: Tethered and Non-tethered
  • Barcode scanner
  • Limited one-year warranty (three years for the laser module)

In conclusion, there is much more that we can say about the Alcon CONSTELLATION®. It certainly offers a new approach to vitreoretinal surgery. We can notice the overhaul of vitreoretinal methods and a significant improvement over earlier technologies.

These innovations can help surgeons with improvements in techniques and performance. With its ease of use, users can improve, organize, and reduce risks. And with further exploration, we will most likely stumble upon new ways to improve.

The CONSTELLATION® is the result of a close partnership among medical experts and engineers. As a result, we have a highly efficient device for surgical procedures. And we hope to see more advancements in this field in the future.

This Alcon Constellation Vision System is in excellent condition and comes equipped with:

  • One year warranty
  • Operator’s manual
  • Ozil handpiece
  • Alcon Constellation Vision Light Bulb by Technical Precision
  • Constellation XENON LAMP
  • CONSTELLATION Vitrectomy TOTAL PLUS Pak 25+ with Straight Endoilluminator, 10 000 CPM, Valved Cannulas
  • Alcon CONSTELLATION Footpedal (includes cable)
  • Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy Total Plus Pak, 5000 CPM, 23 Gauge, 6/bx
  • Alcon Constellation System 23G Stand Alone, 3 Count, 4 mm, 12/bx
  • Alcon Constellation System 25G Stand Alone, 3 Count, 4 mm, 12/bx
  • Alcon Constellation 23G Total Plus Combined Procedure Pak, Straight, 0.9mm
  • Alcon ACCuruS ISPAn Tank 125 gm
  • Alcon ACCuruS ISPAn Tank 20 gm
  • ISPAN C3F8 Intraocular Gas, 125 gm
  • Alcon Auto Gas Fill, 6/bx
  • Alcon INFINITI Foot Switch Cable

The Alcon CONSTELLATION was very lightly used – total usage was less than 20 cases over five years. The unit is almost new and very clean and well-maintained. Works flawlessly. Preventive maintenance service is performed periodically thru Alcon.

The last system maintenance was performed on 12/12/2021. Maintenance documents can be provided upon request. It has been serviced by ALCON and has the latest software version. It is complete with the Purepoint Laser (532 NM) and the Auxiliary Light Source.

The ophthalmologist also can use the Alcon Centurion Phaco Vision System product line from versatility to ease of use.

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