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Sonomed VuPad (A/B Scan) Portable Ultrasound

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Sonomed VuPad is the first and only tablet-based eye definition ultrasound device manufactured by Sonomed. It configures A-scan, B-scan, UBM probes, and pachymetry for ophthalmic ultrasound procedures.

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Sonomed VuPad is the first and only tablet-based eye definition ultrasound device manufactured by Sonomed. It configures A-scan, B-scan, UBM probes, and pachymetry for ophthalmic ultrasound procedures.

The device comes in two types: wall-mounted and desk clamp, making it even more convenient. This is one unique feature of the VuPad, as most other devices come in only one variant.  

The VuPad is designed to produce superior image quality with high reliability. Its ophthalmic ultrasound performance is one to be impressed by.


Sonomed VuPad is a 4 in 1 portable ultrasound system.

Allows high-precision ultrasound examination of the eyeball. This is especially true in diseases characterized by a decrease in the transparency of optical media (cataract, hemophthalmos, corneal opacity). The VuPad ultrasound scanner can diagnose hemophthalmos, retinal detachment, intraocular neoplasms, changes in the vitreous body and retina in diabetes mellitus.

The portable device is equipped with a touch screen with an intuitive interface, so it is easy and convenient to work with it. Despite its small size, the system can be used for a wide range of studies, and the quality of the obtained images remains at a high level.

The capabilities of the VuPad ultrasonic ophthalmic system allow accurate ultrasound of the eyeball and detect even minor changes in its structure, calculate the IOL before surgery, and also determine the presence of hidden diseases.

Benefits of the Sonomed VuPad Ophthalmic Ultrasound Unit:

  • VuPad™ is a windows based operating system with HD images.
  • Touch screen.
  • Any configuration of a/b/ubm/pachymetry scan modules.
  • Modern formulas and unique measuring tools.
  • An extensive database with the ability to transfer them to removable media and servers.
  • Convenient reporting system.
  • Additional option Dicom (image viewer.)
  • We are updating the program and service through remote access.

High quality is the key to success.

The accuracy of diagnostics directly depends on the quality of the image. The new ultrasound system features an ultra-high screen resolution, a larger field of view (25% larger than other portable devices), and superior B-scan image quality. Using VuPad, you can capture crisp still images, record video, and play it back frame by frame.

The pop-up menu made it possible to abandon the on-screen buttons, due to which the image viewing window increased.

Intuitive interface

From the first minutes of work, the operator will be able to navigate the system as if he was already familiar with it. There is no need to resort to outside help or undergo special training to control VuPad so that nothing will distract the patient during the diagnosis.

A sensitive sensor lets you launch the desired functions with a light touch. Using pinch zoom, you can scale the content on the screen with two fingers, as when working with a smartphone.

The VuPad ophthalmic ultrasound system allows you to save the desired scan settings for examining a specific area, take measurements and make the necessary comments.

This is what the ROI optimization mode looks like on the screen. Measuring and annotation tools are easily accessible to the operator.

The menu for frame-by-frame moving video clips and selecting scanogram orientation (can be set for all modes) looks like this.

vupad all in one


Retina:  The VuPad is used for posterior segment imaging of the retina, choroid, orbit, and vitreous.

Cataract and refractive:  The device offers lens implants, phakic IOLs, and ICL sizing. Post-operation follow-ups and accommodation studies are also available.

Glaucoma:  VuPad features angle analysis, angle or ciliary body evaluation, and filtration implant imaging.

Cornea, oncology, and general ophthalmology:  The device includes anterior segment evaluation, corneal inlays, cysts, tumors, and trauma.


  • VuPad console tablet
  • Power adaptor
  • Footswitch
  • Probes (A-scan, B-scan, UBM)
  • Probe cable
  • Immersion eye cups set (for UBM probe only)


  • Console Dimensions: Width- 13.3”, Depth- 8.0”, height- 2.0” (33.8 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm); Weight- 4.5 lbs (2.1 kg).
  • Computer: Intel Pentium N4200 1.1 GHz (2.0 GHz turbo) quad-core.
  • Printers: Any Windows-compatible printer can be used.
  • Controls: USB foot pedal, Wireless keyboard, mouse.
  • Hard Drive: Standard 256 GB SSD solid-state hard drive, optional 1 TB SSD solid-state drive.
  • System Memory: 8 GB DDR3L, 1600 MHz.
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. It features a medical-grade power supply that is auto-switching.
  • Connectivity: Two USB 3.0 ports, GigE Ethernet LAN, HDMI port, LAN port, Bluetooth 4.0, 11n dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • Operating System: Windows 10, IoT Enterprise LTSC 2019  Multilanguage version OS
  • Scanning Options: Quick Mode; save patient data.
  • Data Exchange: DICOM-compliant (optional).
  • Reports: Detailed exam reports suitable for exporting or printing.

Key features:

  • Full touch screen tablet platform that has multiple probe frequency capability.
  • High-resolution LCD touch screen (1280 x 800).
  • The device runs on Windows 8 (embedded) OS.
  • It has a dual-core processor that comes with 256 GB SSD data storage.
  • Designed for Axis Image Management System.
  • The device offers customizable templates and prints for any Windows-compatible printer and USB video printer.
  • Examination presets for optimum image resolution: B-scan: retina and choroid, high resolution, motion picture, Vitreous body, angle detail, retina surface, orbit UBM: sulcus to sulcus.
  • Connectivity options: Available connections are Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, dual-band Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports.
  • An easy-to-easy built-in biometry function (A-scan) with a database of over 1600 IOLs.
  • It provides high-definition (HD) B-scans and UBM image quality.
  • Up to five variants of the system configuration: A-only, B-only, UBM-only, AB, and B/UBM.
  • Post-processing and easy-to-use annotation tools: Distance caliper, angle measurement, area, text box, arbitrary A-scan measurement, arrow pointer.
  • Archive, purge, and restore functions.
  • There is a vector-A function for live scan and playback.
  • The compact and easy-to-transport design comes in two mounting designs: desktop and monitor arm (desk clamp and wall mount).
  • DICOM compatibility option.
  • The device has an intuitive interface and exam database with up-to-date data protection.


  • A-scan (A): 10 MHz
  • B-scan (B): 12 MHz
  • UBM (U): 35 MHz
  • AB-scan (AB): 10 MHz and 12 MHz
  • B-scan / UBM (BU): 12 MHz and 35 MHz
  • A-scan / B-scan / UBM (ABU): 10 MHz, 12 MHz, and 35 MHz
  • Other probe options available: A-scan (8 MHz), B-scan (20 MHz), UBM (50 MHz)

Types of VuPad Probes

  • A-scan probe

This probe has an ultrasound probe of 10 MHz. The A-scan is achieved through direct contact or immersion.

The A-scan features include five examination modes and 9 IOL formulas.  

The standard formulas of the IOL procedure include Haigis, Hoffer-Q, Binkhorst, Theoretic/T, Regression II, Holladay. Post-refractive formulas such as Aramberri, Double-K, myopic and hyperopic regressions of Latkany are used.

Axial length, axial length average, lens thickness, standard deviation, vitreous, and anterior chamber depth are made using auto-calculation.

The A-scan probe also makes manual and automatic captures with cataract, dense cataract, pseudophakic and phakic modes. The best thing about the A-scan is that you can store each video frame as an image.

  • B-scan probe

The B-scan probe of Sonomed VuPad offers images that are unsurpassed in quality. They use transducers with aa frequencies of 20 MHz and 12MHz.

The B-scan probe captures video clips with 50 frames and stores up to 12 video clips with each test. Each second of the video clip consists of 20 frames.

This probe processes a 256-ray scan giving 2048 points for each ray.  

  • UBM probe

The UBM probe uses transducers with a frequency of 50 MHz and 35 MHz. It processes 256-ray high-quality scans giving 2048 points in one ray.  

The B-scan probe has a customizable baseline, exponential gain, and time-varied gain.

This probe can capture video clips with 50 frames and store up to 12 video clips with each test. Each second of the video clip consists of 20 frames, and you can save each video frame as an image.

This probe can make unlimited measurements using angle measurement tools and linear calipers.

  • Pachymetry

The VuPad can capture precise and automatic measurements relating to the cornea with pachymetry. It also makes peripheral measurements such as the CCT (Central Cornea Thickness).

The system performs a probe test and an automatic self-check. There are readings present at each point of the map, and the tissue velocity of this probe is adjustable for better accuracy.

Sonomed VuPad Lock-out features

  • Full touch screen control. There are no external buttons to access the device.
  • Angle analysis software: Trabecular angle analysis (ARA, AOD, TIA, TISA).
  • Use of Axis software (Axis Image Management System).
  • Exponential Gain (E-gain) control: The noise reduction feature gives crystal-clear images.

Why choose Sonomed VuPad?

If you choose Sonomed VuPad to accompany your surgical procedures, you will get multiple benefits from just one easy-to-use and compact device. With its unsurpassed image quality, you will receive precise details for accuracy.

The available preset scan modes will give effortless optimization and a multi-touch screen option for efficient results. This device is what the future of ophthalmology will need.

Overall, the Sonomed VuPad offers a perfect user interface to ensure great success in ophthalmic ultrasound. Its simplicity in design and interface is what makes this device so worthwhile.

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