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Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye Wavefront Anterior Segment Analyzer

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Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye combines numerous automatic measurements with features of an anterior segment color camera that can perform various tests, including tear breakup time, meniscus height, and full-color imaging.

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Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye features an anterior segment color camera that can perform various tests, including tear breakup time, meniscus height, and full-color imaging for clinical grading scales. Luneau Technology has explained.

The new functionality adds to a host of features that the analyzer has, such as Scheimpflug optical pachymetry for back corner surface measurement, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometry for measuring high and low order aberrations, and the corneal topography of the Placido ring for data acquisition for contact lens adjustments and laser surgery correction.

Fully automatic eye analysis with wavefront technology: The Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye combines numerous automatic measurements. This way, we get a very accurate and complete picture of both eyes in a short time and just one measurement run.

Our measurements reveal only one risk factor for glaucoma. A reliable diagnosis of glaucoma can only be made by an ophthalmologist based on further examinations. Normal pressure glaucoma occurs frequently and is not noticeable when the pressure is measured.

The intraocular pressure is not a constant value, but there can be considerable daily fluctuations; the presence of glaucoma can exacerbate these fluctuations. We cannot and must not diagnose whether and which diseases are present or can be ruled out. We use the tests to determine whether the measurement results reveal any abnormalities.


Why measure with the Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye?

Diagnostics, screening, and analysis in one!

With the Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye, you can diagnose, screen, and analyze the visual health of all your patients. The VX120+ offers increased quality by using a complete diagnostic tool and allows you to perform a complete examination of the anterior segment of the eye.

The VX120+ assists in screening, monitoring, and classifying cases of cataract, glaucoma, contact lens fitting, keratoconus, and identifying refractive needs associated with night vision, among others. Also, the VX120+ provides complete, accurate measurements for refraction and keratometry.

Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye is a unique and fully automatic diagnostic and screening device. VX120+ offers us features such as refraction at different lighting conditions (Pupillometry), screening for glaucoma, cataracts, corneal pathologies as well as Keratoconus detection. TOPOGRAPHY

The combination of different technologies in the VX120+ makes it unique (Total and Corneal Aberrometry, tonometry, Scheimpflug camera, etc.) With full integration, vx120+ is designed to export tests, results, and reports by storing and archiving your data remotely via Ethernet connection to any network device. With Remote Viewer, the function will further facilitate the workflow on the equipment.

Perform a complete exam of the anterior segment of the eye

anterior segment of the eye

Cataracts, refractive error screening, Glaucoma screening and monitoring, Adaptation of rigid and scleral contact lenses, Keratoconus stage classification and monitoring, and complete readings for keratometry and night vision.

Advantages of Visionix VX120+

  • The first compact all- inclusive multifunctional  device  –  integrates  7 fully  automated measurements: refraction – keratometry –  aberrometry – topography – pupilometry – tonometry – pachymetry
  • Comprehensive eye tissue investigation: pre-programmed eye scan, computerized eye refraction investigation, day/night vision investigation, glaucoma investigation, post-operative eye tissue investigation – lens implant, refractive surgery, etc.
  • Versatility  (global scan, cataract detection, opacity analysis, volumetric topography, intraocular pressure measurement)
  • Portability
  • User-friendly in use – intuitive graphic interface
  • Increasing the quality of the medical service and increasing the efficiency of treatment

The functionality of the VX120+

Visionix VX120+ Dry Eye for sale

Due to the extensive set of available functions, the VX120+ auto refractometer is versatile and sought-after equipment. Using the device is convenient and easy. The functionality of the device includes:

  • Analysis of wavefront distortions by the Shack-Hartmann sensor. This function allows you to view the refractive aberrations of the eyes. The presence of 1.5 thousand measurement points gives a reliable picture of the pupil with a diameter of up to 2 mm;
  • The retro-illumination function allows you to identify serious problems and visual aberrations. Due to this function, an experienced doctor can detect cataracts, vitreous opacity in time, see scars on the eyes;
  • The VX120+ auto refractometer is fully automated and supports autofocus. Measurements are also performed automatically. The doctor receives reliable research results as quickly as possible;
  • the equipment combines several devices in one case, making it possible to refuse to purchase an aberrometer, pachymeter, corneal topographer, autorefractor, keratometer, and non-contact tonometer. Reduced clinic costs for the purchase of expensive equipment;
  • The VX120+ includes a printer for printing test reports. A unique interface is used to connect to a PC or laptop.

For ease of use, the VX120+ auto refractometer includes a 10.4-inch digital touchscreen display. The image on the screen is clear and easy to read. Controlling the device with the touchscreen is easy.

Visionix VX120+ Specifications

Dimensions 570mm (H) x 312mm (W) x 530mm (D)
Weight 25 kg
Voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
alignment XYZ automatic
Display 10.1″ (1 024 x 600) TFT screen Multi-touch screen
Observation area 14mm
Medical device directive EC MDD 93/42/EC modified by directive 2007/47/EC
output RS 232 / USB / VGA / LAN


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